Deadly heatwaves increasing with climate change

At the time of writing, the UK is experiencing a heatwave. But we know what to expect. People go from complaining about the cold to complaining about the heat, newspapers print pictures of people crammed onto Brighton beach and small children jumping into fountains. And then it's all over and we go back to complaining about the rain again.

But hot weather can also be dangerous, even in the UK, with older people the most vulnerable. At the moment there are 2000 excess deaths attributed to summer heat each year. One study estimated that on current trends this would rise to 12,500 by 2080.

And there are parts of the world where extreme heat is even more lethal.

Election results in - what now for climate action?

Waking up to a result many said could never happen, the future of the country is thrown open to new possibilities.

Young people turned out to vote in record numbers. Now politicians need to respond to those who have the biggest stake in securing a secure future on a liveable planet.

We don't know how national politics will play out in the coming days and months.

Tory manifesto 2017: a blank cheque for fracking

Update: following clarification from fracking campaigners we understand that the manifesto pledge poses a greater threat than is immediately apparent - this blog post has been updated accordingly. 


The doors may have opened a chink for onshore wind in the manifesto (see below), but they are thrown open for fracking. "Non-fracking wells" would become permitted development, so would not need planning permission. The Infrastructure Act redefined the term 'fracking' to reduce the activity in the UK that would be covered by it. All oil drilling in the Weald in the south east and much of the initial testing for shale gas elsewhere will not need planning permission.