Who We Are

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The management of the campaign is undertaken by the elected steering committee, the members of which also do a lot of practical work organising events, etc. 

The office itself is run on a shoestring - Claire James is the Campaigns Coordinator (part-time), assisted by volunteers.

Of course, the campaign is more than just the people listed on this page - it also includes everyone who is active in our campaigning, either regularly or on an occasional basis and supporters who, paying a few pounds a month each, make our vital work possible. Find out more about becoming a member.

The CCC Steering Committee

Suzanne JefferySuzanne Jeffery, Chair

As well as chair of CCC, Suzanne is also chair of the CCC Trade Union Group (CACCTU)


Claire JamesClaire James, Secretary

Claire has been active with CCC since 2008. Having previously worked in various charities in policy and project management roles, she now works in the office as Campaigns Coordinator.


John Stewart

John Stewart has been an environmental campaigner for over 30 years. He was centrally involved in the campaigns against road building in the 1980s and 1990s. He is a past chair of the Campaign against Climate Change, and currently chairs HACAN ClearSkies.

Rebecca Warren, Treasurer

Rebecca is an accountant and an environmental and human rights campaigner, and is treasurer and financial adviser to several organisations.


Peter DeanePeter Deane

Pete is active in Biofuelwatch and Latin American solidarity groups, linking campaigns to ensure that climate campaigning reflects the reality of those on the frontline of climate impacts and energy exploitation in the Global South.


Martin EmpsonMartin Empson

Martin Empson is a long standing member of CCC. He is the treasurer of the campaign's trade union group and helped initiate the Million Climate Jobs campaign. Martin is a socialist, based in Manchester and has written on questions relating to ecology and more specifically energy and climate change.

Peter RobinsonPeter Robinson

Peter was national chairperson of Campaign against Climate Change for several years. in 2005 he helped found the Derby Campaign against Climate Change (now Derby Climate Coalition). The group set out to focus upon the council and the city strategies, away from the emphasis on life style politics, and was able to persuade the council to cuts its own carbon emission by 25% over 5 years. Amongst other achievements the coalition became very involved in the Bombardier dispute and drawing the connections between trade unions, the railway infrastructure and combating climate change.

Al Williams

Al recently joined the steering group having previously helped to organise CCC actions such as the Going Backwards London march. He is also active in Time to Cycle, Reclaim the Power and BP or Not BP.



Louise Somerville

Louise has acted as a campaign organiser against unconventional oil and gas with Frack Free Somerset, Frack Off, Lancs Nanas and Mothers against Fracking. She also recently worked for Biofuelwatch campaigning against industrial biofuels and has co-founded campaigns against geological disposal of the high level radioactive materials GM and Glyphosate.


Philip Pearson

Philip was previously the TUC's senior officer for energy and climate change. He is now an independent advisor with the Greener Jobs Alliance,  chair of Hackney Energy, an active supporter of Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, and a member of the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group. 



John Hunter

John is active in London climate and environmental campaigning. He has played an active role in mass mobilisations, organising flyering and outreach, and engaging students for CCC and others. He has also contributed to fossil fuel divestment campaigns in London, especially Divest London.  


Lewis Nielsen

Lewis helped mobilise students for the COP21 demos in London and Paris and has helped organise climate events in both London and Manchester.