Climate Bloc - End Austerity Now National Demo

The End Austerity Now demonstration called by the People's Assembly challenges the position of all major parties - that we need to retreat into austerity. It calls for investment in our future, and we know that central to that investment must be action to tackle climate change. A fairer society in the UK today, and climate justice for all countries and for future generations are inextricably linked. Join the climate bloc and take the message forwards - It's Time to Act on Climate Change!

We will be meeting around the Monument to the Great Fire of London at 11.30 (near Monument Station) and then going up to Bank to join the main demonstration

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Find out more here about the alternative to austerity and climate crisis:

The One Million Climate Jobs report shows how we can cut emissions through a million secure Government jobs in renewable energy; in increasing energy efficiency by insulating homes and public buildings; in hugely expanding cheap public transport to get people and freight onto cleaner forms of transit; and in developing the "green skills" that we need through education and training.

Find out more here about how the City of London is bankrolling the global fossil fuel boom.

Saturday, June 20, 2015 - 12:00 to 17:30