London open meeting. Climate Emergency: Mobilising for Climate Justice, Glasgow 2020

Crucial UN climate talks will be held in Glasgow this November (COP26). Join us to find out:

  • About plans for mass mobilisations around the summit.
  • How we in the UK can support those in countries experiencing the worst impacts of climate change to have their voices heard.
  • How you can get involved in upcoming climate strikes and other campaigning throughout 2020, putting pressure on our own government for real action, not greenwash. 

Climate catastrophe is here - exacerbating fires, floods and hurricanes. No more wasted opportunities: let's reclaim COP26 from fossil fuel corporations and complicit governments.

Venue: Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS main building, University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

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So what is 'COP26'? The Conference of the Parties, or COP, is the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Its 195 member countries meet annually for 2 weeks to, in theory, get to grips with the climate crisis. The '26' demonstrates that this will be the 26th such event. Seriously, this has been going on for decades...

In 2015, in Paris, a big step was taken where all the member states signed up to an agreement to aim to limit warming to no more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels (avoiding some of the most catastrophic impact, but still harming many people and ecosystems). BUT the agreement involved very little in the way of practical commitments to decarbonise or to transfer wealth from richer, heavily polluting countries to poorer nations who are suffering the impacts of climate change. The pledges that were made would set the world on a course not for 1.5C warming, but around 3.5C. The usefulness of Paris depended on increasing these commitments at subsequent meetings. Especially around taking action right now, not just setting long-term targets.

Spoiler: this process (ratcheting up commitments) hasn't really happened. While the US announcing it would pull out of the Paris agreement hasn't helped, governments around the world have comprehensively failed to take real action on the climate crisis. Last December's summit in Madrid was not a success. Can people power shift the deadlock in Glasgow?

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Thursday, February 6, 2020 - 19:15 to 21:00