No new fossil fuels - time to tackle the climate and energy crisis!

Tuesday 26th April 6.30pm (online)

With climate breakdown accelerating, and dependence on volatile fossil fuels sending energy bills soaring, now is definitely not the time to double down on oil and gas extraction - but it seems the government is going to ignore the experts and do that anyway.

Join us to discuss the fights against new fossil fuel extraction - in the North Sea and onshore. We’ll also hear from campaigners against other worrying developments that may go under the radar, that even claim to be 'green', like burning wood for energy. And talk about the real solutions: how we can shift away from fossil fuels and create climate jobs by insulating houses and developing renewable energy. How can we as climate campaigners best stand with those who have been forced (further) into poverty by the current crisis.


Tina Rothery, anti-fracking Nana
Gabriel Davalos, Stop Cambo
Suzanne Jeffery, chair, Campaign against Climate Change
Wolfgang Kuchler, co-author of the buildings chapter in 'Climate Jobs: Building a workforce for the climate emergency'
Katy Brown, Biofuelwatch
Ruth London, Fuel Poverty Action

Video recording


Tuesday, April 26, 2022 - 18:30 to 20:30