The house is on fire: how we can stand with the youth strikes

This public meeting will be an opportunity to hear from people who are finding new ways to tell the truth and act on the climate emergency - getting their local councils to pass climate emergency declarations (and act on them!); taking direct action with Extinction Rebellion; work in trade unions; campaigning for a Green New Deal; reaching out to MPs and more. In this time of huge political uncertainty, we have an opportunity to refocus attention on the planetary crisis and social justice - what practical actions can we take right now to help that happen?

All welcome!

Speakers from the UK Student Climate Network (organisers of the school strike movement), Labour for a Green New Deal, Extinction Rebellion, Campaign against Climate Change trade union group and the successful campaign for Southwark to declare a Climate Emergency.

Room S209, SOAS Paul Webley wing, Torrington Square WC1H 0XG

Facebook event

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 19:00 to 20:30