Local Councils: Climate Emergency - Resource Page

Resources for getting your council to declare a Climate Emergency

  • Check out the Climate Emergency website for info on the latest councils to pass emergency resolutions and for a campaign guide to help get you started.
  • You can join this Basecamp group to share ideas with other campaigners and councillors who are working at the local level to address the climate emergency. To join the group, follow this link to the log-in page. You can then create a new account by entering a username, email address and creating a password or by using an existing gmail account. Once you’ve logged in you can explore existing conversations on the message board or start your own. 
  • Hope for the Future have made this helpful guide for working with local councils, which includes tips and info about local councils and climate change.
  • This blog post by Deb Joffe from Swindon Climate Action network provides a useful summary of research into methods for engaging local councillors on climate change.
  • We've also put together a draft text for a climate emergency resolution which you can access here.


What next once a Climate Emergency has been declared?

If your local council has already declared a Climate Emergency, then that’s brilliant. But the declaration is only the beginning. Here are some resources for those of you thinking about next steps:

Upcoming Event! Webinar: 'Local Plans and Climate Change' - join us by zoom on Friday 28th June for a webinar on practical steps for updating Local Plans in a time of climate crisis. Check out this facebook event for more info!

  • To get you started with a few ideas about how local councils can implement their Climate Emergency declarations, you might want to read about the actions Stroud District Council is planning to take here.
  • You can also check out this briefing note on actions other councils are taking put together for Swindon Borough Council's Cross Part Climate Change Working Group.
  • Friends of the Earth have put together a briefing with 33 actions that councils can take to help get to net zero emissions. The briefing includes info on how these actions can be funded and examples from other areas where they’ve already been successful.
  • You can find more ideas for actions local councils can take in this guide to planning for climate change by the Town and Country Planning Assocation and in this article on civic plans for the climate emergency published by the Rapid Transition Alliance.
  • You could also encourage your council to work with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Local Energy Hubs, which have been set up to support local energy initiatives.
  • Inspiration can also be found in what municipalities around the world are doing. You can access information about actions being taken by Finnish municipalities here
  • If your parish or town council has recently declared a Climate Emergency, then you might want to check out this resource to see whether your local community could come together to create a low-carbon Neighbourhood Development Plan.
  • Finally, local citizens assemblies are gaining popularity as a way of involving more of the public in conversations about de-carbonization. Check out this blog from Green Alliance explaining how citizens assemblies can create a mandate for ambitious climate action. You might also want to read this blog by Councillor Tom Hayes from Oxford City Council about Oxford’s plans to be the first local authority in the country to hold a citizens assembly on climate change.