Mapping a Just Transformation: Burned

Tuesday 9 June, 6.30pm Film screening and speaker discussion

In 2019, £2.1 million of taxpayers' money was paid every single day to Drax power station alone, to burn more wood than the UK produces, emitting more CO2 upfront than burning coal. Two-thirds of this wood comes from from the south-eastern US: clear-cutting diverse forests and replacing these, if at all with monoculture plantations.

Filmed in the US, EU and UK, BURNED takes an unwavering look at the accelerating destruction of forests for fuel. Join us for a discussion about the film with filmmakers Lisa Merton and Chris Hardee, Peter Deane from Biofuelwatch and Sam Mason, PCS union.

The film tells the story of how woody biomass has become the fossil fuel industry's latest attempt to greenwash itself as part of the climate solution, and of the people and parties who are both fighting against and promoting its adoption and use. It also explores how government subsidies are propping up the industry. This destructive industry cannot be part of the low-carbon Just Transformation we need.

Register here for a link to join the Zoom webinar at 6.30pm on Tuesday and (separate link) to view the film beforehand whenever suits you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 18:30 to 19:45