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Time to Act: Sheffield Climate Alliance event


Strengthening local alliances and planning for action

Sheffield Climate Alliance brings together a range of local organisations and individuals who are pressing for effective action to tackle climate change, campaigning on issues including climate jobs and fossil fuel divestment. On 29 May a special meeting was held where Suzanne Jeffery from the Campaign against Climate Change was invited to speak about our Time to Act campaign. The meeting was a great success and the format could be repeated elsewhere - please get in touch if you would like to hold a similar meeting in your area!

Time to defend UK wind energy

At the Campaign against Climate Change, we are currently supporting not one but two petitions to stop the government blocking wind energy projects that have already had local approval. Yes, that's right: blocking wind energy projects that have already had local approval.

That these petitions are necessary is mind-boggling. We all know that we are no longer in the days of 'greenest government ever' rhetoric. But you might have thought that the IPCC's recent dire warnings would have caused a moment's reflection, a touch of unease as to whether this is an appropriate response to the crisis facing humanity... apparently not.

The first petition, set up by Dan Grierson and hosted by 38 Degrees, refers to the Conservative Party's intended manifesto pledge to ban new onshore windfarms from 2020. The argument that they are doing this because wind farms are "unpopular" is a fascinating one, given the party's gung-ho support for fracking, a far less popular technology. DECC's most recent figures show a record 70% support for onshore wind, compared to 12% opposition.