Full solutions not half solutions

NO NEW COAL without 100% CCS


Jean Lambert MEP (Green Party, London) addressed demonstrators (see photo left) as well as Joss Garman from Greenpeace.

The government's decision to ban new unabated coal-fired power stations represents a big move for the government in a green direction, and we congratulate them for that. But building new coal-fired power stations without 100% CCS (or close) is a recipe for disaster. Does anyone think the government will close down these new power plants if full scale CCS is found to be unworkable or hopelessly uneconomic?

Iceberg Demo at the G20

ImageOn Wednesday April 1st ("Fossil Fool's Day") Campaign against Climate Change staged a "Climate Emergency" Ice-berg Demo outside the ExCeL Centre where the G20 were to meet the following day.

The action featured a giant ice block sculpted like an iceberg and demonstrators dressed in white with some even wearing strings of ice cubes around their necks. The backdrop to this was provided by 'Climate Emergency' placards and panels showing maps and graphs of arctic ocean ice loss.