Campaign against Climate Change AGM

On Sunday 29th January, we'll be holding both the Campaign against Climate Change AGM and also our trade union group AGM. Both will be online. Our supporters are welcome to attend both or just one.

10.00-11.10: Campaign against Climate Change AGM

We'll be looking back at 2022 and towards the year ahead, including:

Keep it in the ground - stopping the Cumbria coal mine: Update from campaigner Maggie Mason of South Lakes Action on Climate Change. The decision to approve the Whitehaven coal mine is a fossil fuelled disaster, now being challenged in the courts, and is emblematic of this government's approach to climate change.

Building for mass mobilisation: Discussing plans announced by XR for mobilisation in London on 21 April. With Cathy Allen, XR.

As part of our AGM, we elect members of the steering group of the campaign. The steering group meets around 5 times a year and is responsible for the strategic direction and financial management of the Campaign against Climate Change. Steering group members should support the general approach of the campaign, represent across the group as a whole a diversity of experience, skills and interests and have enough time to be able to contribute some practical help between meetings.

If you wish to stand for the campaign's steering group, or one of the officer positions (Chair, Treasurer or Secretary) you will need to send your name, with the names of your proposer and seconder (who should also be campaign members) to by 23rd January. Any members who are interested in joining the steering group and would like to know more about what is involved are welcome to email before then for an informal chat. 

Any motions submitted (they should be brief) also need a proposer and seconder and should be submitted by the same deadline.

11.20-12.30: Campaign against Climate Change trade union group AGM.

As well as the formal business of the AGM, we'll be discussing:

Attacks on the right to strike: This is a crucial time for the trade union movement - how can we stand in solidarity with those standing up for the services we all depend on and defend the right to strike - we'll do a quick online solidarity action and encourage everyone who can to join protests on 1 February.

When are climate jobs not climate jobs? The UK's climate plans have been rejected as inadequate in a court case last year. There is much less awareness that some of the technologies they depend on are not 'green' at all. Hear about plans for the Humber cluster including CCS, hydrogen and biomass and discuss how we can help fight greenwash.

If you wish to stand for one of the officer positions of the trade union group (Chair, Treasurer or Secretary) you will need to send your name, with the names of your proposer and seconder to by 23rd January. 

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Sunday, January 29, 2023 - 10:00 to 12:30