Going Backwards on Climate Change

No more UK backtracking on climate! Protests in London and around the country

Find out more by watching the videos or read up on how the UK's been going backwards. Individual speeches and campaign details below for those who spoke on the day


Video by Real Media @IndyRikki


Some pictures below from the London backward march, some more great sets from Luca Neve, Natasha Quarmby, Guy Bell.




Moyra Jones, whose home in York was flooded (speech)

Kye and Nicole Gbangbola, The Truth about Zane (speech)

Nick Wood, Solar Trade Association (speech)

Charles Metcalfe, Repower Balcombe

Vivienne Westwood, Climate Revolution (speech)

Joe Corre Talk Fracking (speech)

Sheila Menon, Plane Stupid

James Thornton, ClientEarth (speech)

Lianna Etkind, Campaign for Better Transport (speech)

Ali Mussell, Fuel Poverty Action (speech)

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader (speech)

Barry Gardiner, Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change (speech)

Asad Rehman, Friends of the Earth

Suzanne Jeffery, Campaign against Climate Change (speech)

Danny Chivers, Art Not Oil

Al Williams on behalf of Reclaim the Power and #BreakFree2016 (speech)


Supporting organisations:

  • Biofuelwatch
  • Campaign against Climate Change
  • Campaign for Better Transport
  • Client Earth
  • Climate Revolution
  • Fuel Poverty Action Group
  • Global Justice Now
  • Greenpeace
  • Plane Stupid
  • Reclaim the Power
  • Solar Trade Association
  • Talk Fracking
  • Time to Cycle
  • War on Want


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Sunday, May 8, 2016 - 12:00 to 14:00