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Steering Group Announcement

Dear Friends,

Many of you will be aware that Phil Thornhill has resigned as the Coordinator of the Campaign against Climate Change. Phil’s contribution has been immense. He founded the Campaign 12 years ago and it became a major player in putting climate change on both the UK political agenda and in the forefront of activists’ minds.

Phil has now decided to step down from the Campaign. We want to thank him for all the selfless work he has done. We and his many friends hope he will stay involved in climate change issues in some way.

The Steering Group is working on its annual strategy and planning for the coming

. We will be presenting our proposals to the Campaign’s members at our AGM, set provisionally for Saturday, 2nd March and will be inviting you to submit any resolutions early in the New Year (details to follow). 

As usual we will elect a new Steering Group at the AGM and always welcome new committed members if you wish to consider standing. We have arranged for the office to be fully staffed from now until the AGM at which point new positions will be advertised.

We hope you can join us at the Climate Bloc action (see link here) outside Parliament from 5.30pm this Wednesday, 19th December to make a noise for an energy system that serves the people and the planet and to oppose the disastrous Energy Bill.

Finally our seasonal greetings go out to you and your families this Christmas as we look forward to an enlightened New Year.

Campaign against Climate Change Steering Group




On 1st December!


Thank you to everyone who turned out on one of the coldest days this year. With our 7.2m fracking rig, we took a clear message to Parliament - "No Fracking in the UK", a message backed up by other actions around the country, and one that was picked up by the BBC (see here and here) amongst others. Not only that but there could hardly have been a more critical moment to stage a conspicuous show of opposition to the the government's unfolding plans for an expansion of fracking and a new dash for gas.   

Photos from Demotix/FlickR: Dougal WallaceNelson Pereira, Adele Nistora,  and Peter Marshall - more photos and video to be uploaded soon.

The day started at the US embassy where demonstators demanded that Obama end his self-imposed climate silence and that the US stop blocking progess at international Climate Talks, like those currently in progress at Doha in Qatar (where there was also a march on this Global Day of Action on climate:see here). CCC Coordinator Phil Thornhill set the scene by referencing this year's precipitate crash in arctic sea ice before moving on to the role of the US but the main highlight of this first part of the days activities was the building of a "Grosvenor Square Keystone pipeline" between the US and Canadian embassies (see video here) in solidarity with activists in North America resisting the export of polluting tar sand oil via the real Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to the US. Jess Worth from the UK Tar Sands Network explained (see video here) the magnitude of the threat to the climate from the Tar Sands and described the heroic and - at this point - inspiringly effective resistance being made to them by North American activists.

Next came the mobile part of the day's event as demonstators marched, chanting and waving "No Fracking in the UK" placards, via Picadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square to parliament (see video here). After a last barrage of chants for "No fracking in the UK" and "Green Energy Now" Eve Macnamara from REAF ("Ribble Estuary against Fracking") described the ongoing resistance from local residents' groups like her own to the test drilling and planning applications already being pursued by the fracking companies. Symbolising that resistance the "fracking rig" was then hauled up on a rope to its full 7.2 meters, to cheers from the crowd (see video here).

There followed a speech from John McDonnel MP (Labour, Hayes and Harlngton) which included a rousing call to action for a movement against fracking and finally a speech from Natalie Bennett, the new leader of the Green Party, outlining the benefits of Green Energy.

All in all an inspiring day and a critical milestone in the building resistance to the Government's dash for gas and the anti-environmental backlash now coming from the Tory Right.



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