Camp Frack 2

Hundreds say No to Fracking at Camp Frack 2

Despite rough weather conditions, hundreds of protesters attended Camp Frack 2 at Mere Brow in Lancashire last weekend to demonstrate their opposition to fracking and support for climate jobs.

Organised by a coalition of local and national anti-fracking, Trades Union, and environmental groups including Campaign against Climate Change, Camp Frack 2 brought people together from across the country to demonstrate a unified front and share campaign strategies against hydraulic fracturing. 

The weekend involved talks, presentations, workshops and a protest action which brought together hundreds of local and national activists.

Press coverage of the camp:
Lancashire Evening Post - Hundreds take part in anti-fracking camp

Blackpool Gazette - Campaigners at fracking event

In September 2011 Campaign against Climate Change, REAF and other climate groups organised Camp Frack (1) to protest against plans by Cuadrilla Resources to drill for shale gas. Out of this camp the group Frack Off came into existance.
Since then the anti-fracking movement in the UK has grown, with more and more local groups resisting plans for this dangerous and extreme method of energy extraction. 
Cuadrilla (the drilling company that operates the site in Lancashire) has now suspended its activity in Westby (Lancashire) forced to wait for an environmental assessment. However it has announced plans to drill in Balcombe (Sussex); maybe we need to make plans for a camp frack 3...

AGM 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to the AGM!

The campaign is off to a good start with a meeting full of discussion and debates, and with 5 new members coming onto the steering group. The minutes of the meeting are now available here and the results of the resolutions here. You can also find video reports from the Guest Speakers using the links below:

Tisha Brown, Frack Off London

Emily Coats, No Tar Sands Network

Ken Montague, Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group

Duncan Law, Biofuel Watch

Sarah Clayton, Airport Watch

Ruth London, Fuel Poverty Action Group (part of Climate Justice Collective)

Jonathan Neale, Campaign against Climate Change (former International Coordinator)

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