Zero Carbon Britain Day

ImageZero Carbon Britain Day was a day to promote the goal of a

Zero Carbon Britain by 2030

What the government is doing is piecemeal, inadequate and in some ways counterproductive. We need a more coherent, energetic and determined approach to reducing emissions – and a bolder more ambitious national target. We need Zero Carbon by 2030.

Activities and events took place all around the country.

The message taken to the heart of the capital on Zero Carbon Britain Day..

On a day on which the weather made immersion in water seem anyway highly likely... many actions around the country used the theme of “Zero Carbon Britain before we drown” or similar, involving semi-submergence in water near a local landmark.

Others involved lobbying MPs to sign Early Day Motion 853 which calls for Zero Carbon Britain by 2030.  To lobby your MP using our information hub see here.

Others involved meetings or workshops focused on the Zero Carbon Britain 2030 Report produced by the Centre for Alternative Technology, (CAT) which outlines a practical, well researched plan for reaching a zero carbon economy by 2030. To order free 8-page ZCB 2030 pamphlets, or find out about ZCB training days e-mail bruce.heagerty[at] with 'Zero Carbon Britain Day' in the subject line.

Here are some of the events we have heard about so far (all on 16th July unless stated otherwise) Reports from these events will be posted soon.

"Zero Carbon Britain before we drown" photo-op in the Thames.

ImageNorth London
A local North London foraging group ( will be plum picking & picnicking near Tottenham Marshes.
There was a photo taken by the river Lea with goggles and a banner for the submergence theme.
Contact: harrisgemma67[at] for more info.

A group did a wild food walk to mark the day. See here for more info.




See full account of event here. In Kingston there was a time trial with several different modes of transport: a kiddy’s bike, a scooter, a skateboard etc.. and a bunch of people pushing a BMW. The idea being to emphasise the power needed to get around in a car compared with self-propelled vehicles. It’s being organised in the style of a flash mob / photo opportunity and we’re trying to get permission to use the Guildhall as it’s one of our local landmark buildings.
E-mail Hilary for more info: hilary_gander[at]


A regional workshop was held on Saturday 9th July "Zero Carbon Britain 2030 and Strategies for Combating Climate Change", with Peter Harper from CAT, Peter Robinson (Climate Alliance) and Phil Thornhill (CCC), at the Derby Roundhouse. 


Photoshoot in the sea near Palace Pier (the one that's still standing). Contact Rob on 07947 183046, robert.jarrett2[at]

If safe, a group will be in the surf on Seaford Beach (East Sussex) at 11.00/12.00. 
Grid reference TQ477990, off Marine Parade and near Dane Road, Seaford. If not safe the group will be close by.
Photographs may show Newhaven, rather than Seaford in the background.
The event location is 450m from the train station (Brighton, Lewes) and the Brighton & Hove bus route 12/12A (East Brighton, Peacehaven, Newhaven) along the A259. 
Theme/costume will be sea creatures and underwater humans (waders, wet suits, snorkels... perhaps with everyday accessories).
Seaford Lifeguards will be supporting. 
Afterwards, if fine weather, it will be an opportunity for people to make their own ZCB party on the beach, or at the cafe at the nearby Salts Recreation Ground.
Contact: Jan Marshall, 07710 436 549,

A photo stunt is planned.
E-mail clarouf[at]

Regional workshop "Zero Carbon Britain 2030 and Strategies for Combating Climate Change" with Paul Allen from CAT and Peter Robinson (Climate Alliance). 11.00am to 4.00 am Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster. 
E-mail, 01524 62146

The event was cancelled due to bad weather. Local actvists will try to rerun within the next few  weeks, however..

The plan is to have at least 4 people (ideally  5 or 6 people) in the sea and a good photographer. We have told local press and will probably get the photo in the paper.

The banner will read something like "Zero Carbon Scarborough Britain by 2030 or we're in deep water!", and to convey the idea of the water (metaphorically and literally) rising, we'd like to have different people submerged to different heights (either because they are shorter or some of them are crouching/kneeling/sitting. invisible to the camera), with the last the deepest, holding "or we're in deep water!". Normal clothes (with swimming gear underneath).

E-mail toad[at]

In Sheffield there was a bike ride up the Don Valley taking in 2 or 3 of the renewable energy sites on route.

At 12.00 noon there was a short publicity stunt - a tug of war - ‘Bikers versus Banksters’ on the Meadow Hall site near the river.

Contact Jenny on or call Joan on 0114 2498613.

There was a small exhibition of cartoons and photos showing the effects of climate change, along with a stall, petitions and leaflets around zero carbon in Manchester City Centre.
E-mail judy.paskell[at]


South Lakes
There was a cycle ride to the house of local MP, Tim Farron, to lobby him to sign EDM 853 - leaving Kenadal at 11.00am. Afterwards people went to the ZCB event in Lancaster. 
E-mail sonnykhan[at],

ImageA demo was held in Bristol for Zero Carbon Britain day. Leaflets were handed out and a talk given on how to reduce your carbon footprint. Photos were posed for, for  the local paper, in the fountain outside the hippodrome, an iconic Bristol landmark! At the end of this the banner was hung near the main road to spread the message!

E-mail jamieethegreat[at]


Kirklees CCC has already held a Zero Carbon Cycle Tour on 7th May. See here. On 16th July there was an activity with a stall and 'Zero Carbon Snakes and Ladders' game in Huddersfield.

There was also be a Zero Carbon picnic at Drax power station (site of the first Climate Camp). Meet at the South Gate of Drax Power Station. Meet fellow activists, learn about the issues and come together under the banner: ‘Zero Carbon Britain by 2030 or we’re in Deep Water’. This was a peaceful protest that has been organised in liaison with Drax and North Yorkshire Police.

Finally, there was a lobby of  Barry Sheerman MP on 22nd July.

E-mail  kirkleesccc[at] or call 07986 592392.

 ZCB day is being promoted by Sustainable Guernsey. See here. 
E-mail sustainableguernsey[at]

Pilton (Barnstaple)
The North Devon Greens had a Zero Carbon Britain stall at the Pilton Green Man Festival.

Transition West Bridgford’s Eco House Group launched an exciting new project called Eco Houses Under Construction. This will be the first event in a series of at least 8 free events and will feature a talk by Steve Day of Fabric Architects. Saturday 16th July, 12.30pm West Bridgford, Nottingham
Email  info[at]


Oxford CCC and Low Carbon Headington held a Zero Carbon stall at the East Oxford Farmers Market to campaign on the EDM. A public meeting on Zero Carbon campaign is planned for November.

If you know of any more ZCB Day events, please e-mail

London campaigners doing a 'dummy run' for ZCB Day at Southend.