Zero Carbon Britain Day

Saturday 16th July

A day to promote the goal of a ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ by 2030

Organise in your town or region -

There are lots of ways you could choose to mark this day (see below)  but here are our two main suggestions:

(1) “Zero Carbon Britain before we drown” publicity stunt/photo-op

What we are suggesting is a “submergence” theme, a photo-op involving people standing semi-submerged in water – holding a banner saying “Zero Carbon Britain before we drown” (or, say, "Zero Carbon Britain or we are in deep water" or whatever you consider most appropriate). This would be most effective if it is a body of water that is part of a local landmark or is locally iconic in some way. It could be the sea, or more ambitiously, a local river.
Here in London we are hoping to do this at an appropriate place in the River Thames, and combining this with a Zero Carbon Beach Party. This will be quite an ambitious stunt, and  we will need to research the safety issues - obviously you will need to fully research any safety implications for whatever you do, too.
On the other hand it need not be daunting, or complicated at all, it could be really simple like standing in a fountain or even tub of water.
By doing this we can bring together a number of actions/events all around the country which will make a really striking united image. So bear in mind that whatever you do on this theme should gain power from being part of this wider effort. Hopefully it can be easily added or tied in to whatever else  you might want to do as well!
If you organise something, be sure to let us know by e-mailing and we can promote it on our website.


(2) Lobby your MP to sign the Zero Carbon Britain/Climate Emergency EDM
(and see the full story about the EDM here)

This could take the form of booking a meeting at his/her surgery, if the MP has a surgery on the 16th July – or as close as you can get to the 16th  Or you could write to your MP to ask for  a special meeting outside of surgery times.
Alternatively it could take the form of handing in a letter or petition at the surgery, asking the MP to sign EDM 853. You could combine this with another activity, perhaps doing a bike ride to the surgery or local press call and photo opportunity.
>To aid you in this, and to boost the campaign around the EDM in general, we have made an information hub on our website, which can be found  here
Through this you can search for your MP, find information on whether they have signed the EDM 853 or the previously tabled EDMs, how to contact them, when and where there surgery is, and whether another CCC supporter has set up a meeting with your MP that you could go along to.
If your MP has already signed the EDM, you can hold a meeting and invite your MP to speak or ask them to speak at another local public event.
Another idea would be to gather signatures in favour of the EDM beforehand, for a petition to hand in on the day.
Whatever you want to organise for ZCB day can be part of a wider long term campaign around the EDM.

EDM 853 is the most radical statement for urgent action on climate to be found in a parliamentary context. We want to get more MPs, more people in general, talking about this kind of radical action more often. This way we can begin to influence the debate in the direction we want to, towards the quantum leap in scale of response to the climate emergency that’s required by the actual science.

There are plenty of other things you can do on the day. The Centre for Alternative Technology’s Zero Carbon 2030 report is an important resource - you could organise a presentation, hold a meeting, workshop or debate around it.

You can order some of CAT’s 8-page ZCB 2030 pamphlets. To order, or ifyou are interested in getting a CAT speaker (possible, but not certain depending on date etc…) or otherwise attending a CAT training session in order to be able to give a ZCB by 2030 presentation yourself then please email with ‘Zero Carbon Britain Day’ in the subject line – and CC: in

Otherwise a cycle ride, a procession, a rally, a carnival, a fair, street theatre, a Zero Carbon picnic, a Zero carbon by 2030 banner-hang. a gathering at a renewable energy installation, a protest at a fossil fuel installation, a lobby of your council... all are possibilities. Whatever works best for you in your area to promote the goal of Zero Carbon by 2030  Don’t forget to contact other groups in your area who may be interested.

See more about 'Zero Carbon by 2030' here. In Kirklees, Yorkshire, they have already had their own Zero Carbon Britain Day (we're following in their footsteps with a National Day) - see what they did here.
For more about the EDM promoting Zero Carbon Britain by 2030 see here.
For model letters to your MP (asking them to sign it) see here and here. For notes to the EDM (background info for your MP) see here.
If you are organising, or even just thinking about organising, anything for Zero Carbon Britain Day, please let us know at - we can provide you with help and advice.