Festival Stewarding





What Will I Gain?

CCC has partnered up with The Workers Beer Company who provide the best bars to be found in UK festivals. As a volunteer steward you will work shifts behind one of their bars, but wait for it.. here's the good bit, in return you are provided with: entry to the festival; transport to the festival site (from London); acess to an exclusive camping area (with its own toilets, showers and subsidised canteen); food and drinks vouchers... PLUS... for every hour you're behind the bar, £7.00 will be donated to the campaign. So you'll be simultaneously rocking the festival while also helping out our planet, by supporting the funding of our vital Campaigning work.


Which Festivals Can I Work?

Sorry - all places now taken for 2017


What Does the Work Involve?

There are many different forms of volunteer roles at various different festivals, but with CCC your role will be working behind one of several bars, at various key locations, within some of the UK's best festivals. You will be required to work shifts of 4-8 hours per day, and have the rest of the time off to enjoy the festival! Depending on the festival you choose, the hours and days will vary, but whichever it is, come rain or shine it will be a fantastic experience.


How Does It Work?

The Workers Beer Company has been working festivals since 1986 and our supporters here at Campaign against Climate Change have stewarded at some of these festivals since 2008. While you volunteer behind the bar, £7.00 is donated by the Workers Beer Company to our Campaign. In return you get a host of benefits including free access to the Festival, this system is replicated among hundreds of other charities and not-for-profit organisations, although the stewarding roles offered do vary. The Workers Beer Company is trade union owned and a not-for-profit organisation, so any surplus will go back into the unions to support other important causes.


When Can I Apply?

You can apply by sending your contact details to festival@campaigncc.org for next year.


Who Can I Contact For More Info?

If you would like more information about the role such as training, when you need to arrive, or anything else please e-mail us at: festival@campaigncc.org

If festivals aren't your thing but you still want to be involved in Campaign against Climate Change then check out our Volunteers Page for other ways to get involved!


*photos courtesy of Workers Beer Company facebook page