Universities are a key place to campaign for climate justice. Campaigns including divestment, declaring a climate emergency and taking action for the climate strikes have taken off in recent years. The Campaign Against Climate Change has been involved in these campaigns, and has been part of bringing together students with trade unions on campus. The Campaign Against Cimate Change also provides resources for taking action, as well as links to other organisations, that can assist students to create and run their own campaigns to fight against climate change.


If you are a looking to start a campaign on your campus, get in touch with our office and we can see how we can help.


Here is a 3 step starter guide:

  • Call a student & staff assembly on campus to discuss the climate emergency. You can us ask for a speaker. Invite representatives of student unions, trade unions like the University and College Union (UCU), and existing societies like People and Planet or Divest. The assembly can discuss campaigns on campus including divestment from fossil fuels, encouraging the student union and university to declare a climate emergency and mobilsing for climate strikes.
  • Mobilise for the next climate strike. Check out the UK Student Climate Network website for the next strike dates. What you organise on campus can be big or small - from a protest to a banner drop. 
  • Contact your UCU branch. The UCU are affiliated to Campaign Against Climate Change and have helped organise a climate themed learning week.


We have student and UCU activists at the following universities: SOAS, UCL, Imperial, Queen Mary, Kingston, Manchester, Morning Glasgow, Bristol, Sheffield, York & Cambridge. 


Get in touch if you want to know what's happening on your campus!