Speak Up Week

The Speak Up week of action is organised by the Climate Coalition. Last year constituents travelled to Westminster to lobby 342 MPs. This year, actions will take place in constituencies around the country.

Find events local to you on the map below or sign up below to let us and the Climate Coalition know that you would like to attend or to organise one yourself - guide for organisers here.


There's a coordinated week of action 8-16 October. But if your MP can't meet you then, find a time when they can - it's always a good time to speak up on climate change!


The aim is to get as many people as possible talking to their MPs about climate change. At a time of significant political change they need to know that for many of their constituents climate change is a key issue: it mustn't slip off the radar. We are calling for urgent ratification of the Paris climate deal and an action plan to cut UK emissions in line with the agreement.


There are a range of events organised, aiming to get MPs in a receptive mood by inviting them to tea parties, nature walks or showing off local community energy projects. But it's also worthwhile simply arranging to meet them at their surgery with a group of like-minded people.

Meeting your MP can be rewarding - and it can also be frustrating. We've put together some advice on how to go about it to help get something useful out of the meeting - even if it's only to start challenging your MP's preconceptions about climate change and the people who care about it.

Advice and tips for influencing your MP

There are also opportunities to get personal advice from Hope for the Future, an organisation that specialises in helping groups lobby their MP on climate change. To help you get the most from meeting your MP, Hope for the Future are organising regional advice sessions and one-to-one guidance.

Below is a list of the regional advice and one-to-one guidance sessions hosted by Hope for the Future. There's also a free webinar on 29 September.

  • London: Saturday 17th September
  • Manchester: Thursday 22nd September
  • Oxford: Saturday 1st October
  • Bedfordshire: Tuesday 4th October
  • York: Saturday 8th October
  • Nottingham: Friday 14th October
  • Birmingham: Saturday 22nd October
  • Bath: Friday 28th October

If you are not near the above locations, you can visit Hope for the Future's website where you can arrange a meeting.


Saturday, October 8, 2016 - 01:00 to Sunday, October 16, 2016 - 00:00