Kyoto "March to end the world"


2003's Kyoto March was a "March to the End of the World". The message was clear: its global apocalypse from the USA!

Image Here are our 'Grim Reapers' !
Image At Exxon HQ, Leatherhead, 7.00 am : the determined band at the start of their 20 mile march. The guy in white with the hood is a "Horseman of the Apocalypse' (OK he has'nt got a horse, but that would be cheating, would'nt it....)
Image And here's Darth Vader ! ....although the real Darth Vader generally goes disguised as a certain 'Mr. Lee Raymond', CEO of ExxonMobil (known as "the Darth Vader of Climate Change").



An 'angel' at the Esso HQ : heres Sophie our youngest campaigner. She did the whole march...but by Mum-power. Thats Mum, 'Ruth Jarman', with a 'Christian Ecology' banner.
Image Epsom 8.00 am and its the 'Esso-man from Hell'!
Image And the 'Esso-man from Hell' has got a friend!
Image Our apocalyptic band on the march: Richard on the trike that carried our luggage...and the head of a recently sacrificed victim (OK, wishful thinking...)
Image A bunch of us at the half-way resting point, Wimbledon, where we were met by the 'angelic' Auriel Glanville, from the local 'Friends of the Earth' group.
Image At the Esso Station, Colliers Wood : with 'Bush-and-Crossbones' flags (or is that the "Jolly Bodger"?)
Image On the march. Thats Julia and Sharon on the right. Fast-forward this for 20 miles!
Image At Clapham Common, time for a brief rest. By now the numbers are swelling!
Image At the Imperial War Museum Park: lots more people have gathered here, where the big march though Central London will begin.
Image That's the Evil Esso-man and a "Whore of Babylon" (Lucy Wills)
Image All behind the 'StopEsso' banner and the march is about to move off. Thats Will St Leger - from Irish StopEsso - on the right hand end (as we loook at it) of the banner. He was one of our speakers later on.
Image The march comes over Westminster Bridge, banners flying. 
Image Still on Westminster Bridge.
Image Another banner and in front are (L to R) Debby Burchill (Greenwich FOE) and Steph and Jim Lodge (Southwark FOE)
Image Trumpet of doom; and a man wearing 'solar panels' to remind everyone there is a way of avoiding 'The End of the World' if only those in power (and especially the world's most powerful man, George Bush) would chose to pursue it!
Image This is what we think about Esso/ExxonMobil!
Image Green Party In evidence! Thats Miranda Dunn (Senior Campaigns-person-in-chief!)with the wooly hat and Tim Turner facing camera.
Image It's those artistic placards again!
Image The Samba Band!
Image The end of the march: some of the marchers who came all the way relaxing at last at "The End of the World Party" in Grosvenor Square. (This is Rhys Howell and friends from East Anglia Uni).
Image Jean Lambert, Green Party MEP (on right), our first speaker. Thats our 'party host' in the velvet suit and Andrew Simpson with the megaphone. 
Image Roger Higman, senior Climate Person at Friends of the Earth, speaking.
Image It's "Bush the Grim Reaper" ! He's obviously exultant over something: maybe its the money he made from Insider Trading at Harken Energy.
Image Bush-the-Grim-Reaper (Richard Solly)and a "Whore of Babylon" (Lucy Wills) dancing (and throwing dollar notes around) to the tune of "Money, Money, Money"'s all about the money he and his mates make from oil, at the expense of the rest of the world. That's not actually Batman looming over's Franklin Delano Roosevelt (in those days the President was allowed to have a brain)!
Image The Samba band keeps the party going into the dark hours.... Hurrah for the "Rhythms of Resistance "!