Mad Emitters' Tea Party


ImageAs part of the National Day of Action on Climate Change, the London group staged the first of what will be monthly events outside the U.S. Embassy at Grosvenor Square.

The threat of an impending tea-party had apparently got the park authorities spooked and the entire space had been locked for May 20th for 'Security Reasons'. Preparations for thousands of tea-party participants had been made outside the embassy in what can only be described as overkill to suit the most commited mad hatter.

Preparations soon got underway in earnest: police looked on suspiciously as the greenhouse was erected, this was followed by general confusion diffusing through the constabulary as a white rabbit, mad hatter, caterpillar and playing card appeared along with Alice.

Later the music was provided by The Green Worriers + Richard Travan and then Rhythms of Resistance. Tea was served, cucumber sandwiches, cake and flapjacks consumed, along with organic apple juice provided by Shane Collins fund raising for the Green Party. Amongst notable events during as the music played was a (non too rare) example of Nick Hutton's dancing.

Overall we had a good day with the rain largely staying in abeyance and a lot of interesting conversations going on. The turnout was good considering the weather and many people had travelled from far and wide to be there, including someone who had made the journey all the way from Bristol to make tea, and who continued to provide tea for everyone throughout the whole event on his portable camping stove. Thanks indeed for that!