Cycle to COP23 in Germany!

Join our friends at Time to Cycle for a memorable experience! Find more details below - or visit the Facebook page and Time to Cycle website.

"Two years ago, 150 people came together to ride to Paris for COP21. For many, it was one of the most amazing, life-affirming things they'd ever done! Since then, there's been two rides to help shut down lignite coal mines (Ende Gelande), several tree-planting rides, and much more. But the story doesn't end there...

Time to Cycle is BACK for what will be a truly memorable ride to Bonn for the COP23 climate conference - and you could be there too!

Why? Because since that historic Accord was reached in Paris, this has happened: 

* 2016 was the hottest ever year since records began. Oh, and 2016 was also the year Trump got elected...

* In 2017, things are going from bad to worse: The world is teetering on the edge of climate chaos, with a melting Arctic ice cap, rising and warming seas, an unprecedented hurricane seaon in the Caribean and devestating monsoon floods across Asia. Not to mention Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Agreement.

If ever there was a time to act, the TIME TO ACT IS NOW. It's Time To Cycle to Germany.

To reserve one of  the 25 places available in the initial provisional booking add your name as 'going' on Facebook or email  Do this ASAP. They'll need payment for the ferry, plus names and details, by Thu 12 October.

Not a cyclist but would like to go to Bonn? Watch this space for more information.

The group will meet in Harwich on the evening of Fri 27 October - you can cycle here if you wish or jump on a train with your bike. The group will have an evening meal and most likely sleep in a church hall. They've provisionally booked 25 people (+bikes!) on the 9am ferry on Sat 28 October from Harwich. This will arrive at 5.15pm in Hoek van Holland, and they will then cycle around 30km to the first overnight: Rotterdam.

From there they cycle route will continue as follows (approximate distances): 

Sun 29 Oct, Rotterdam - Tilburg, 78 km
Mon 30 Oct, Tilburg - Liessel, 65 km
Tue 31 Oct, Liessel - Mönchengladbach, 65 km
Wed 1 Nov, Mönchengladbach - Cologne, 50 km
Thu 2 Nov, Cologne - Bonn, 30km (or possibly these last 2 sections combined into one day of 80km)

Exact plans and actions in Cologne and Bonn are still being discussed and finalised, for the latest info visit

Cycling will be at a relaxed pace in small groups of 7-8, along (mostly) flat terrain, having fun along the way, staying in a variety of accommodations (church halls, school gyms, etc), and eating together in the evenings. 

A support vehicle is still tbc, so at this stage it is suggested you plan to carry your gear (including a sleeping bag and roll mat) on your bike. No camping though, so you can leave your tents at home!

You'll arrive in Bonn in time for an incredible weekend of action that is being planned for 3-5 Nov, ahead of the official start of the COP23 Climate Summit on 6 Nov. 

Absurdly, the conference will take place close to the gigantic lignite mines of the Rhineland coal mining area. It’s simply crazy that climate change negotiations are taking place in Bonn while 50 km away, coal is being extracted. And not just any old coal, but lignite/brown coal - the REALLY bad stuff. They plan to keep on extracting until at least 2040! The aim will be to shut down mining operations for a day through acts of peaceful civil disobedience.

If you prefer not to get involved in such an action, there will be plenty going on in Bonn, including a weekend of solidarity with the Pacific Climate Warriors, reminding the world that this is also about climate justice. An event is being planned close to the Conference Centre, which will be permitted. Details TBC.

On Sat 4th Nov there will also be a large, family-friendly march, open to all and focussing on Germany's (and the world's!) addiction to fossil fuels, especially coal. 

After the weekend, you can then stay for as little or long as you like in Bonn, (Tiime to Cycle may try and do a ride around Bonn on the morning of Mon 6th) you'll just need to sort your own accommodation. 

Time to Cycle will not be arranging transport back, but details will be shared soon of suggested routes, options and prices. You will need to book the return journey yourself.

Prices are still to be confirmed. But the ferry will be about £27/person, food around £5/person/day (plus your own snacks and drinks).

For now please SAVE THE DATE, book annual leave if this applies to you, SPREAD THE WORD and get ready for perhaps the most uplifting and positive cycling experience of your life!!"

Friday, October 27, 2017 - 08:00 to Monday, November 6, 2017 - 18:00