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AGM - 31st May 2014

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May saw the start of an exciting time for CCC with our first International Conference of the year, (3rd-4th May). Our Energy Tour is next up, and we are also holding our AGM, and a Cabaret fundraising night at the end of the month. Here's a rundown of what has happened, and what is still to come in May.


''Power Shift UK: Breaking Down the Barriers'' Conference:




Last Weekend (3rd – 4th May) we held our joint conference with Global Power Shift UK (GPS-UK) at UCL University. The aim was to create a diverse learning space for attendees to share their ideas, experiences, and learn from each other and our guest speakers.

The conference was hugely successful, with about 140 people attending across the weekend. The seminars and workshops received high praise from attendees, and there has been talk of GPS-UK helping to facilitate two more conferences around the UK.

Conference resources:

One of the outcomes of the conference was to create a temporary shared Google calendar in which all those signed up, could list their events for each other to see. This will be used until Climate Coalition launches its online communications and engagement platform, which will act as an area to connect professionals, individuals, and organisations, and also allow for resources and information to be shared.

The majority of the conference itself was filmed, and we'’ll be posting links to the footage and typed-up conference notes shortly.


Cabaret Fundraiser:


With the excitement of our successful joint Conference with GPS-UK, we now have at the end of the month our Cabaret Fundraiser.

The event is open to everyone and directly after our 2014 AGM, and of course anyone attending our AGM during the day and looking to unwind in the evening with fellow supporters, is more than welcome.

It is set to be a fantastic evening filled with laughter, fun, tasty food, good music, debate, and satire, and some new faces.

There’s sure to be something for everyone, shows and activities include: poetry performance(s), satire sketches and live music, with reasonably priced drinks, a free tasty buffet and our special green non-alcoholic cocktail which is free upon entry!

Do not miss out on the opportunity of having a great time whilst helping our organisation to continue to tackle the problem of climate change.


Tickets can be bought here:
The prices are £10 for a waged ticket and £7 for students and concessions.



Amnesty International UK
25 New Inn Yard
London EC2A 3EA

We look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday 31st May.


Energy Tour:


In the middle of all this we’'ve also been arranging our energy tour, set to commence the week of the 12th May.  We will be visiting a number of community energy projects and energy cooperatives around the UK, including the Wind-energy project at Valley Winds, Kirklees, and the range of Solar/ Insulation energy projects at Wren, Cornwall.

We are making a film to promote community projects that take back power away from corporations and Government, whilst tackling climate change. The objective of this film is to not only show that renewable energy really works, but also as a campaigning tool that pushes the solutions to climate change.

We hope to inspire people who see this film to take action in their own communities, drawing confidence from the projects they see in this film. As well as giving much deserved recognition to the people who are leading the way in this energy revolution.

The footage that we film will be turned into a short film to display the advantages of renewable energy and energy efficiency which we can show at Time To Act public meetings, and distribute to our local groups.


AGM - 31st May 2014:



We will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) this May 31st. All are welcome to attend, however only Members & Supporters have the right to vote at our AGMs.

If you have a standing order with us then you are a member, as well as everyone who signed up for membership from October 2013 onwards. For non-members and non-supporters you will be able to sign up for membership in order to qualify for voting, on the door.

Our AGM will include:

Report from the Chair
Feedback on 2013, and update on 2014 events
Resolutions & Nominations for the Steering Group (Only Members & Supporters have the right to vote)
Guest speakers
Approval of accounts

If you would like to submit a resolution or a motion, please email with the subject AGM 2014.

We're all looking forward to seeing you there! And don't forget our Cabaret Fundraiser is directly afterwards at Amnesty International UK.



Climate Change in the news:

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Fiona, Jack, Leia and the CCC Team


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