30 August 2012

Campaign against Climate Change August Newsletter

August has been a hectic month for us, spurred on by news of unprecedented Arctic ice loss. In this email there are actions to take (including writing to Cameron and signing our petition to the new Director General of the BBC) and news of our recent Arctic iceberg protest. Looking ahead, we are planning for the National March in December and a political battle this autumn over the UK Energy Bill to prevent a dash for gas.


Arctic Sea Ice Crashes

In the past week, Arctic sea ice extent has not just broken the minimum record: it has crashed right through it, and is still melting at an unprecedented rate. We don’t know how soon it will be before the Arctic is completely ice-free in summer. It is almost certain to be within a decade or two, and Professor Peter Wadhams (who has been observing ice thickness from submarines for 40 years) has predicted it will disappear by 2015.  Read more about the implications of Arctic ice loss from George Monbiot, Climate Progress and Climate Code Red.

Action: Send a message to David Cameron telling him to heed the wake up call of the melting Arctic.

The day after the news appeared on the NSIDC website that the minimum Arctic sea ice record had been broken CCC activists were outside Downing Street with an "Arctic Wake up Call", demanding emergency action on climate now from David Cameron and the government. Many thanks to those who turned out with just one day’s notice! See more photos from the event

Watch out for our London Public Meeting on the Arctic Emergency  with Peter Wadhams as key speaker – provisionally Wednesday  September 26th.

This news makes the Climate Emergency all the more immediate and an emergency response all the more urgent – you can support the CCC’s  call for Emergency action here.


Petition calling for better climate change reporting on the BBC

 "You can't absolutely prove, can you, that CO2 is responsible for global warming?" John Humphrys, Today programme, 13 July.

On 17 September, a new Director General, George Entwistle, will take office at the BBC. We will be writing to him to ask for the BBC to take its responsibilities seriously when it comes to reporting climate change.

Action:  If you have ever been concerned about the way climate change is covered on the BBC, please sign this petition and share it widely.


Future plans and events

The stage is set this autumn for a battle over whether a target to decarbonise the electricity sector by 2030 will be included in the Energy Bill – or whether the door will be left open. As George Osborne and other Tories have been trying to ensure, for a dash for gas at the expense of renewables. It now seems that the Liberal Democrats may be set to try and re-establish their green credentials at their party conference.

Action: Tell Nick Clegg to stand up to Osborne on the Energy Bill


Here at the Campaign against Climate Change we will be busy working towards our National Climate March on Saturday 1 December. We will be protesting against the most visible and concrete manifestation of Osborne’s dash for gas – “Fracking”. Pushing the positive alternatives in terms of green energy and climate jobs and the need for an emergency response to ever more visible signs of  the deepening Climate Emergency.

If you would like a speaker from the campaign to come and talk at your local group over the next few months, to galvanise support for the demo but also with a focus on the CCC’s Climate Emergency campaign, - and our Early Day Motion and why we need it  - email us

The plans for 1st December are now taking shape. We couldn’t comment, of course, but they might possibly have something to do with an unauthorised press release circulating from a certain ‘Gorilla Resources’.

“Gorilla Resources announce huge shale gas find in Westminster, London…” Read more


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Other climate change stories in the news

  • One of the government’s most senior scientific advisors has stated that the goal of limiting temperature rises to 2°C seems to be 'out of the window', and warned George Osborne to stop blocking climate policies.
  • Tim Yeo, a senior Tory who has been one of the party’s most prominent voices on climate and the environment, unexpectedly waded into the row over a third Heathrow runway, claiming a new runway would not increase emissions, in a bizarre U-turn.
  • New figures showed carbon emissions from 97% of local authorities increased in 2010 following research last year which showed the majority of councils cutting back or abandoning carbon-cutting policies.
  • In the US, Mitt Romney set out his energy plan, vowing to increase domestic fossil fuel production and tear up environmental regulations.
  • EU biofuels policy is challenged as a study finds  that even homegrown rapeseed fails to make the 35% savings in greenhouse gas emissions, over fossil fuels, that would be required for it to be called ‘sustainable’.