13th September 2011


We're getting our bags packed for Camp Frack but that's not all the news:

  1. Camp Frack is this weekend, and there has just been an EDM submitted proposing a moratorium on shale gas extraction.
  2. Our demo against a mystery corporate target was the Koch Brothers, and we had a massive banner outside their London HQ.
  3. The new Climate Emergency pamphlet is online for you to download.
  4. Fancy a pint and a chat? Come to our next social evening at the end of the month.
  5. Be sure to put our climate justice conference in your diary.
  6. Take part in online actions against Koch Industries and the government's fracking policy.
  7. Read the latest climate change news, including the latest on sea ice levels and a big direct action in the USA.

17th - 18th September
Join us in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire for a weekend of activism against the growing threat of shale gas. We need renewables - not another source of fossil fuel!
Camp Frack will be at Manor Farm near Hesketh Bank village close to where the current drilling operations are taking place.  Hesketh Bank is South of the River Ribble near Southport, but easiest to access by getting the train to Preston and catching the number 2 bus to Shore Road/Chapel Road bus stop (cost £3.40 single, timetable here). From there, it's a few minutes walk to the site of the camp from the bus stop.  See map here. The camp is organised with the landowner's permission.
The camp is free but donations welcomed. Vegan food will be available at cost. Parking is limited on site so please use bus and train or park elsewhere. If there is a pressing need for you to drive to the camp please let us know so we can see if a space can be arranged.
The camp will include a day of workshops on shale gas, and on planning an ongoing national campaign against it. It will involve raising local awareness about the problems with shale gas and an action day of peaceful protest mainly focused on the nearby active drilling rig, but we also hope to have the option of expeditions to take the message out to Blackpool and Preston as well.
If you have any questions then e-mail info@campaigncc.org or call 0790 331 6331.
Camp Frack has already amassed interest from the media, including The Guardian and the Blackpool Gazette. George Monbiot has also written an editorial on fracking mentioning the camp.
To download a flier about fracking (you could improve it or make your own!) click here.
  • Caroline Lucas and Michael Meacher have submitted an EDM calling for a moratorium on coal bed methane, shale oil and shale gas. Read it here and get your MP to sign it. Download a template letter to send to your MP here.
Last Wednesday we unveiled the target of our mystery demonstration as being the Koch Brothers, and we had a great demo outside their office on Fenchurch Street in the City of London. See more photos from the day here.
The ‘Koch Brothers’ are the world’s biggest “fat cat corporate funder of climate disinformation” – currently rated as such by US Greenpeace (surpassing even ExxonMobil) whilst also having been fingered as the main funders, and instigators of the climate denialist “Tea Party” movement. Read more about them at denialfunders
See below for an e-mail action that you can take against Koch Industries.


After months of research, our new 52-page pamphlet has been launched, covering everything from renewable energy to El Niño, and from global dimming to methane hydrates. You can view and download it absolutely free from our website: pamphlet.

For hard copy orders, please e-mail info@campaigncc.org

Join us in the Queens Head pub at 66 Acton Street in Kings Cross (map here) from 6pm for a celebration of our recent successes and a thankyou to everyone who made them possible. Plus a chance to meet various folk involved in the campaign...

Call 07903316331 if you need help finding the venue etc.



This year's big public meeting will have a climate justice theme which will be carried over into our demonstration on December 3rd. The conference will be held at the School of Oriental and Africal Studies (SOAS) in central London. Keep an eye out on future e-mails for more information.



E-mail Koch Industries offices around the world asking them to stop funding climate change disinformation.

Sign the petition on the government's own e-petitions website calling for a moratorium on fracking.

And don't forget to e-mail your MP to ask them to sign EDM 2159!



Australia has passed landmark legislation which forces big companies to pay a tax of A$23 (£15) per tonne of carbon emitted from July next year.

1,252 people, including James Hansen and Daryl Hannah were arrested outside the White House over 14 days in protest over plans to build the "Keystone XL" pipeline which will transport oil from Canada's tar sands to the US.

The falling cost of solar power has led to a boom in installations in the USA.

Arctic ice levels have now hit a record low, surpassing the previous low point that was reached four years ago.

George Monbiot gives his critical analysis on a new geoengineering project whereby water droplets are injected into the atmosphere in an attempt to reflect more sunlight back into space.