"Tea Party" at Koch Industries International

The Koch Brothersare the world’s biggest “fat cat corporate funder of climate disinformation” – currently rated as such by US Greenpeace (surpassing even ExxonMobil) whilst also having been fingered as the main funders, and instigators of the climate denialist “Tea Party” movement.

Between 8.00 am and 9.30 in the morning activists held up a massive 8 metre wide banner outside Fountain House, on the 6th floor of which are the London offices of Koch International.

See more videos here.

Write a letter protesting the climate denialist activities of Koch International and send it to their offices around the world here.

Download a Koch Brothers information flier here. To request hard copies e-mail info@campaigncc.org

The Koch-funded Tea Party is preventing any progressive move on climate in the US and thereby, effectively, at the international level as well. They are, in effect,  holding the whole world to ransom, on climate change.

Even as more and more climate related disasters unfold, like last year's floods in Pakistan or this years famine in Somalia, even as scientists are becoming ever more urgent in their iinsistence that the world needs to act fast before catastrophic climate change becomes unstoppable - Koch brothers money continues to pour in to spread disinformation and prevent any effective action....

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