AGM 2013 - Minutes

Introduction from Chair 

●        Going through Agenda

●        The AGM is not just about the previous year or coming year, but about input from members.

●        It’s really important to get influence from the wealth of experience from the floor.

●        It’s the first AGM without Phil Thornhill; he resigned at the end of last year.

●        Chair pays a tribute to Phil, what he did for CCC and the climate movement. A round of applause for his work and his legacy

●        Phil did not give a reason for leaving - either verbal or in writing- there were no policy differences. There were some differences with management; he was incredibly driven and passionate and his drive meant that administration wasn’t always efficient

Review of year’s events

●        Major event of the year was in June - alternative Rio conference

●        Also Million Climate Jobs Caravan


Strategy for the year

●        CCC were first to put climate on the agenda; though as the movement has grown we need to embolden CCC again

●        We are the only campaign group that focuses solely on climate change; there are lots of groups that are working on climate change

●        Our role is to update other orgs on the science, and support other groups that are working on this

●        The end of the year we are looking to see if we can organise coaches to Poland for the COP - which will mean that the National Climate March will move to earlier in the year

●        It would be a rally, ahead of a much larger march in spring 2014 (called Time to Act) so we have time to build for it

●        The march wasn’t the most successful event last year so we can work to make a better march if we can build towards it in Spring

●        We are looking to work better with local level/grassroots - many members are part of grassroots and are unsung heroes

●        It is more important to part of a network of individuals and groups locally, rather than solely focusing on CCC local groups

●        So that we can all put pressure on locally

●        We want to work with people locally, and regionally, to build a movement for change

●        Our activities have been too london-centric

●        Though important areas/targets in the capital, we need to hold (as appropriate) more actions outside of London

●        We have a hugely successful Trade Union Group, chaired by Suzanne Jeffery

●        The One Million Climate Jobs caravan was a huge success - it puts forward not only a solution to the climate crisis but to the economic crisis

●        It went all over the UK

●        Thank you to everyone who was involved in the organising of the caravan

●        We hope to follow this up with the Trade Union Campaign against Climate Change conference on climate science on 8th June - Prof Kevin Anderson is keynotes speaker

●        Thank you to Suzanne Jeffery and Ken Montague for all their work

●        Climate Jobs caravan is an example of how we want to work with other orgs that not only campaign on climate change but also on topics that relate to climate change - like the Farefail campaign

●        Important area of our work is international - credit to Phil who was very keen to make links internationally

●        The Steering Committee is keen that we do more to raise our profile internationally and cement those links between international orgs

●        Final point about management/organisation of Campaign against Climate Change - there will be elections later, lots of new and old faces which is good

●        Rebecca is just about to got through the accounts - we have been very lucky with a major donor for the last 3 years but that is uncertain after this financial year so we will be doing a lot more fundraising this year

●        We don’t want to immediately to appoint a national coordinator - we’ll keep Max and Fiona on until the end of the year but not hire a coordinator until we can afford it. As we can’t guarantee them a decent salary or pay for more than a year.



●        Thanks to Rebecca for her fantastic work with the accounts!

●        The task today to approve the accounts for last year - income £63,000 (£30,000 from major donor)

●        Thank you to everyone for donations

●        We spent money on campaigning events, and wages - wages are most of the expenses but are important as they ensure that the events done

●        We had a small surplus

●        We were planning in breaking even

●        This year we expect to receive the last major donation soon as it is March for the new financial year


Questions on accounts

●        The Union Affiliations are low - why?

We get a lot of support from unions to the caravan, and the research of the pamphlet (hosting printing etc) the cost of that was unwritten by PCS union. Trade Unions want a clear statement of what they are affiliating to - Suzanne and Max are working on a document to help with this. But we shouldn’t be complacent about pursuing this - it should be a deeper process within this movement.

●        How many people have standing orders?

The current system we have doesn’t show in that much detail - but we have around 200


Vote to approve last year’s account

Approval of accounts - voted in


Proposal of statement of support from AGM

Statement about the activists being sued by EDF - they are trying to bankrupt them for life. There has been a proposal for a statement of support for the activists:


Last October, 21 activists from the ‘No Dash for Gas’ group took direct action to close down the West Burton Power Station in Nottinghamshire. This action was undertaken to highlight the Government’s intention to increase dependence on gas, which will cause the UK to miss it’s CO2  emissions targets, as well as contributing to fuel poverty. The owners of the power station, EDF, have now decided to sue ‘No Dash for Gas’ for £5m.

The Campaign against Climate Change:

1. Strongly condemns this and previous assaults on the right to protest by EDF

2. Fully supports the ‘No Dash for Gas’ activists and calls on its own affiliated organisations and supporters to offer whatever support they can (see

3. Calls on EDF to drop its lawsuit against ‘No Dash for Gas’ immediately

4. Renews its urgent call for the Government to abandon its pursuit of gas a major plank of UK energy policy, and to facilitate a shift to a fully decarbonised national energy system by 2030.

N.B. Suggestions from the floor, which are listed below, have already been included in the above statement. The above statement was the final version and was the version that was broadly agreed by the AGM


Feedback from the floor on statement

●        Sign up to the petition & resolutions, go to other groups and propose a resolution for this at their meetings - not necessarily radical as lots of groups are acting on energy. We should be going to those meetings anyway, we can kill several birds with one stone.

●        2 weeks before that 50 people got into Hinkley point power station, so that might have instigated the aggressive action by EDF. We need to reference that as EDF owns that power station too.

●        This could be part of a massive campaign - it connects to all protest not just climate change. Add to the resolution - we will publicise it and ask people to donate to their legal fees. Trade Union Campaign against Climate Change Group should get on it with Right To Protest as well as Campaign against Climate Change.

●        Often the danger with resolution is slippage - everything gets added on. Shorter resolution- we support their defence. As well as on 1st May support them at the action - Let’s Talk People Power: Shut Down the EDF Energy Conference

●        We ask people to divest and move away from EDF if they are their energy providers


Chair takes temperature check in the room for support for the statement plus suggestions from floor (see above statement)

AGM broadly supports the statement.


Guest Speakers
These speakers were invited to share what their organisations are currently campaigning on and what their plans for the future are.

They are all single issue campaigns that relate to climate change - hopefully this will inform the open space discussion later as there are lots of reasons and opportunities for us to work together.

Tisha Brown, Frack Off London

Emily Coats, No Tar Sands Network

Ken Montague, Trade Union Campaign against Climate Change

Duncan Law, Biofuel Watch

Sarah Clayton, Airport Watch

Ruth London, Fuel Poverty Action Group (part of Climate Justice Collective)


International aspect

Jonathan Neale, who has been involved with the Campaign against Climate Change for many years as the International Coordinator, has recently returned from North America.

He shared with the conference the current political situation on climate in North America.


Open Space

• Slips of paper were given to members as they entered the meeting so that people could submit their ideas for discussion ahead of the open space – which were given in as the meeting adjourned for the break

• The slip was split into two sections:

◦ First section:

▪What do you hope the campaign will do in the future?

▪ What do you like about the campaign so far?

▪ Any other thoughts/ideas?

◦ Second section:

▪ Optional (we are trying to analyse our participants to help us grow)

• Name:

• Location:

• Group:

●        During the break the submissions were read by John Hoggett, Max and Fiona and grouped together according to content

●        When the meeting returned these were read to the AGM and a vote was cast on each as to whether the room was happy to accept the groupings. These groups became the titles of the discussion groups:


Strategy and Events                                                           

Extreme Energy & Energy Targets


Climate Jobs and Trade Unions
Arctic Ice & Geoengineering


Feedback on break out groups:


Strategy/events Group

●        Revise and renew national demands

●        Put them on a leaflet

●        Outreach to young people

●        make connections with other orgs like Compass, national youth campaigns

●        (Be able to) react quickly to events - bring people together for a national meeting at short notice to react to actions workshops events etc

●        look at NHS and it’s CO2 emissions

●        Support United States campaigns

●        Do Freedom Of Information requests to find info to create own stories

●        Point out difference gap between ‘what science demands and what politics permits’

●        Coordinate in putting together events with other groups & simulate actions

●        Coordination on international events

○        Think about how to communicate this visually

●        Fundraising campaign

●        Learning how to prioritise - not duplicating action

●        Reassert the importance of bringing people onto the streets

●        Not attempt to be hub, but join larger network

●        smaller focused conferences - building on success of SOAS conference

●        Get onto online platforms to improve presentation

●        Link up with journalists & technologies

●        Carnivals - running ‘zero carbon carnivals’ - unity, positive message, drawing movement together

●        Appeal to head & heart - including appealing alternatives

●        Clarify goals:

○        One should be dealing with climate denial - but how?

○        Okay, but climate scepticism is declining


Extreme Energy & Energy Targets

●        How to define renewable energy

○        Should we just reduce energy use? However this means changing our way of life (“Be careful what you wish for”)

●        Extreme Energy Gathering

○        We need a gathering at which people get together to understand what extreme energy is, what is involved etc

○        Meeting is from 26th - 28th April, in Manchester (MERCI). All welcome

○        Includes: Fracking, Biofuels, incineration, nuclear, tar sands, deep water / polar drilling, coal bed methane (from coal in situ)

●        If all the world’s tar sands were burnt, this would cause a global 6°C temperature rise - energy companies seem unconcerned

●        Government works by “poking the pig of public opinion to see if it squeals” on what changes policy

○        e.g. the Heathrow campaign, got so many people together, that the Government had to listen

●         Importance of word association in any related advertising

○        UNSAFE - “United Network of Societies Against Fracking Exploitation”

○        Use link between ‘fracking’ and the word “unsafe” wherever possible

●         Importance of setting up small local groups against fracking in as many places as possible

●        Cost of energy & food security - the two key things that Government will consider on ‘fracking’

●        Need to get the climate network set up across the UK, get it re-invigorated again, through ‘fracking’ and local groups

●        Helpful to have a national leader - too democratic/non-leader is less effective - for a national anti-fracking campaign

●        Gloucestershire / Somerset anti-fracking work ongoing now

●        Redefining “Renewables” -

●        NOW: expedient, easy, money from subsidies and not effective in cutting carbon. So it is not solving the problem.


●        Defining renewables - “Real Renewables” “Native Renewables”

●        Link up with energy self-sufficiency. At present we depend on imports pr energy links with other countries

●        Cutting consumption of energy is closely tied up in the concept of UK energy self-sufficiency

●        Need to get the term “extreme energy” into common parlance

●        By contrast “clean energy”, “renewable energy”, “sustainable energy”, etc have been hijacked and debased. We should not use these, as they are misleading

○        e.g. “clean, green energy” used to describe nuclear

●        It is a complicated balance of risks and balance of benefits/dangers - for nuclear and all energy sources



●        Move Your Money - to ethical banks

■        current account/savings

■        local authority accounts via local petition > scale - move millions!

■        church, student, business accounts > scale - move millions!

■        2.4 million people have moved between 2012 and 2013

●        Move Your Gas/Electricity - “EDF - Off!” [boycott EDF?]

■        Move from EDF & Big Six energy companies

■        Move to Good Energy, Ecotricity, Coop Energy

■        Sign “No Dash for Gas” petition

■        Write to your MP


●        Move Your Pension

■        Contact Fair Pensions


●        Stakeholders

■        NGOs Greenpeace / Oxfam / WDM / Compass / Tar Sands / Idle No More / Fair Pensions / Occupy / UK Uncut / / Friends of the Earth

●        Financial Reform / Energy Reform!


Climate Jobs and Unions

●        Key areas identified within this topic:

○        Education

○        Bus Sector

○        Subsidies & Nationalisation

○        Trade Union Conferences

○        Profile of Public Transport Jobs

○        Media

○        Working Conditions

○        Trade Union influence on pension fund investment

●        Transport

○        Effect of concessions?

○        Leadership of Unite & RMT? [Unite potentially post Len McCluskey and led by Jerry Hicks]

○        Regional level invite to Campaign against Climate Change

○        Target Unison conference

○        Buses to work

○        Use of pamphlet -

●        Get Trade Unionists to distribute

●        Summary and update sheet (with Unite)

○        Links with Campaign for Better Transport [Daniel & Simon]

○        Make speakers available; advocates for climate jobs


●        Education - to general population; climate change & renewables

○        Linked to local action

■        Universities - student unions

○        Council and college = students conference

■        stalls from colleges & universities courses on environment

■        200+ students are attending

■        Use this as model

○        Green Cred; Do - Nation;

■        People & Planet

■        UKYCC

○        For 14+ sustainable travel alternative to cars


●        Media

○        Improving

○        Union Newsletters

○        Media Studies courses - disinformation as subject for study research

○        Local Press

○        Phone -ins

○        Hospital Radio


Arctic Ice & Geoengineering

●        Impossible to define the outcomes, at maximum experiments are designed by a degree of possibility

●        A mitigation that does not tackle current status of economy and emissions

●        Carbon capture & storage

●        Solar Radiation manipulation


Changes to constitution, Resolutions & Nominations for Steering Committee


Changes to constitution


Under: 2. Campaign Aims and Objectives


The destabilisation of global climate has become the very greatest threat to our planet and everyone on it – with the possible exception only of all-out war with modern weapons of mass-destruction. We do not know exactly how much irreversible damage we have done already but we know that if we do not act now the effects will be increasingly devastating.

Proposal to remove, as it does not add anything to constitution and is not the appropriate place for it.

●        Suggestion of adding a phrase to the two lines referring to the fact it is the worst tragedy we face

32 against

5 keeping it in


It gets taken out


Under 2.2 in constitution:                                      

In particular the CCC brings people together for street demonstrations, designed to get together the greatest number of people possible, and to create a mass movement to push for our goals.


- The removal of “in particular” and replace with “amongst” our activities


Carried bar one vote


Under 2.5 in the constitution:

The Campaign does not therefore campaign on the important but more detailed questions of how best to achieve these emission reductions and recognises that supporters will have different and deeply held views on these issues.

Proposal for removal - it is too confining


Carried unanimously


Under 3. c.) in the constitution:

The priority is to get as large a number of members as possible. Therefore the subscription should be: £5 minimum for individuals (£1 unwaged) and a suggested £25 for LOCAL CAMPAIGN GROUP and regional AFFILIATED groups (subject to negotiation) and £100 for national AFFILIATED groups, with further donations requested. These rates can be revised by the AGM.


Proposal of removal as it is a description of fees and it can change.


Vote carried


Under 4.a) in constitution:


1        The Steering group shall consist of at least nine voting members as including :

the chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, international secretary and national co-ordinator, - to be elected at the AGM from the membership as defined in 3a(i) above


Proposal of addition of Vice Chair, and removal of ‘national coordinator’ because we are not at this stage going to employ a national coordinator.


Vote carried


Under 4.f) in the constitution:

Given the emergence of appropriate technologies it may be that some of the business of the Steering Group will be carried out by means of electronic conferencing.


Proposal for removal - as is obvious.


Vote carried


Under 5.d.) in the constitution:                              

Nominations for chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, international secretary and national co-ordinator should be proposed, seconded and elected at the Annual General Meeting. There shall be a quorum when twenty members are present.


●        Proposal of removal for consistency

●        Suggestion that we put steering committee emails on website and details so people know who they are


Vote carried


Under 6. in the constitution:

The whole section.


Proposal for removal as no one knows what they are; in terms of the organisation and management of Campaign against Climate Change no one is aware of general meetings - they differ to public meetings or the AGM.


vote carried





Speech for, speech against, then to floor


1. Buses and public transport


The "Million Climate Jobs" campaign calls for a big improvement to public transport leading to significant reductions in car traffic and the associated emissions. For the majority of people public transport means buses. In many areas outside London buses are under threat, and high fares have contributed to a national decline in patronage. We ask the Campaign against Climate Change to support campaigns which aim to create an integrated public transport network including better, cheaper bus services.


Simon Norton proposes

John Stewart seconded

●        Not an expression of policy but call to action

●        Government have accepted that trains need to be developed, though we fight about high fares

●        Parts of the UK that don’t have access to rail have been taken back to the dark ages

●        Thorough and coordinated campaign to highlight buses


No one wants to speak against



2 abstentions

Resolution carried


2. Geo-engineering


The AGM of Campaign Against Climate Change expresses its serious concerns about the promotion of geo-engineering, including geo-engineering field tests, as a response to climate change. Geo-engineering involves large-scale interventions in complex, dynamic and interacting earth systems which are far from adequately understood. Some major risks from different type of geo-engineering are known, yet others are impossible to predict in the absence of large-scale deployment, the impacts of which could be irreversible.


In view of the major uncertainties surrounding the potential impacts of geo-engineering – which could potentially result in more abrupt climate change than would otherwise happen – Campaign Against Climate change will not advocate any form of geo-engineering.

Campaign Against Climate Change fully supports the Convention on Biological Diversity’s position and de-facto moratorium on geo-engineering*.


*The CBD’s position can be found at


Amendment approved by proposer (edited in the proposal): To remove ‘and not give public space to it, either through public meetings or through any web-based communications.’ from the end of the second paragraph.


Helena Paul proposed

Pete Deane seconded


[Discussion of how to deal with these two resolutions that oppose each other.]


Suggestion from chair that we hear the debate on both motions, one after another, before we move to vote.


●        Major uncertainties with geoengineering

●        Climate models are really crude

●        We can’t say anything about it before committing to it

●        We can’t predict impacts

●        Cloud whitening - clouds are more complex than we know, they could impact negatively on some communities and benefit others

●        Sulphates can cause monsoons

●        The eco destruction can further climate change

●        Major issue of injustice - corp have loads of supporters and have vested interest in burning fossil fuels

●        Lots of people who will be impacted but haven’t been invited into the debate - it is unjust to decide this for them

●        They are alternatives - we need radical reduction of emissions, and the tackling corporations

speaker against

●        Understand the points, but gagging through not having debates is not appropriate 

speaker for

●        We are not gagging discussion just geo-engineering; we need to challenge the social problems that encourage climate change. Geo engineering is a distraction from dealing with the real solutions

                speaker against

●        Proposal of amendment to adopt CBD position but not gagging


Acceptance of re-wording by proposers


speaker for

●        We have two events organised by CCC - and both had an unbalance panel. It made people against geo feel like hecklers

●        We wouldn’t allow this to happen if it was exxon

speaker against

●        Strength of campaign is being broad, good things come out of debating these issues

●        Let’s not be afraid of technological solutions - it doesn’t mean there is a magic bullet.


The following has now has been removed:


“and not give public space to supporting it, either through public meetings or through any web-based communications”


voting on the resolution as it now stands (without the above):


For: 33

Against: 10

Abstentions: 3


Motion carried


3. Arctic and geo-engineering


It is proposed that the CCC campaigns for action against climate change in the Arctic.  Global warming has been amplified in the Arctic, and the effects of global warming are perhaps most conspicuous in the Arctic - more than anywhere else in the world. The Arctic warming has led to a decline in sea ice: as the sea ice gives way to open water, sunshine is absorbed in the water, warming the water and melting more ice in a vicious cycle. This warming is having a disruptive effect on the polar jet stream and hence on Northern Hemisphere climate and beyond. Thus abrupt climate change in the Arctic is leading towards abrupt climate change for the whole planet. This would be catastrophic, e.g. for food production, so there is great urgency to cool the Arctic and restore sea ice, for which large-scale intervention is required.


Note: There are several intervention techniques available in the class of "Solar Radiation Management" geo-engineering, of which cloud brightening is probably the most benign. This technique would not be applied directly to cooling the Arctic but to cooling surface currents flowing towards the Arctic, especially from the North Atlantic. Since these currents have warmed as a result of global warming, the intervention would be merely restoring water surface temperature to previous levels. 


John Nissen proposed

John Davies seconded


●        main problem is loss of arctic sea ice

●        number of scientists believe that sea ice is going to go in 2015

●        polar science research unit agrees

●        volume of sea ice at 2012 was 80% less than 1979 and the years preceeded that

●        The last 4 months has been thinner than ever before

●        as a result of that the ice that reflects the sun is gone and this going to increase the global temperature enormously

●        The methane that is trapped in the ice - if only a portion of that is released it will massively increase cc

●        There will be no life in 2020

●        The only possible way of doing it with geo-engineering

●        In addition to cutting greenhouse gas emissions


Speaker against

●        geo-engineering has been recognised as only delaying cc and reduces incentive to pursue renewables


Do proposers include ‘cloud seeding’ in geo-engineering?

A: It is a minor form, but not what we mean.


Speaker for

●        It is very difficult to see how dangerous the situation is

●        Gov is accepting models that are saying that arctic sea ice will keep til nearly the end of century

●        We are the only people to be able speak up

●        We are in an emergency, we need to act


Interjection from Chair: The campaign is committed to defending the Arctic


Speaker against

●        Would like to know what cloud whitening is

●        If I could wave a wand I would like to consider it but, we aren’t talking about whether we support it, it is how what we say gets used by propaganda machine.




For: 8

Against: 27

Abstentions: 10


Motion not carried




Chair asks floor is they are happy to take the whole as a single vote - room agrees.




2 abstentions


0 against votes


All nominees elected:

John Stewart (Chair), Suzane Jeffery (Co-chair), Claire James (Secretary), Rebecca Warren (Treasurer), Jamie Moloney (International Secretary), Hilary Gander, Peter Deane, Ken Montague, Martin Emspon, Peter Coville, Peter Robinson, Daniel Scharf, Jonathan Whittaker, Matthew Craighton, Miguel Franco, Rachel Simon, Steve Pagett, Jonathan Neale, Marina Littek.