Climate Justice Conference


Rehad Desai, from South Africa addresses the Climate Justice Conference about the upcoming mobilisation in Durban, for COP 17

The Climate Justice Conference proved a fascinating event for all those who attended. The range of speakers present provided all manner of interesting insights at this well attended event. And the relaxed ambience with the bar and ample space for stalls and informal networking all contributed to making it a generally much-enjoyed experience and a great success.

Everyone is now primed for the upcoming  STAND UP FOR JUSTICE event midway through the Durban Climate Talks on Saturday 3rd December…

Speakers included Rehad Desai, film-maker and activist from South Africa, who will talk about climate justice issues there and the South African mobilisation for COP 17(for Rehad's speaking tour around the country the following week see here)Murad Qureshi, GLA member, Labour,  Bangadeshi Community, Dr Daanish Mustafa Lecturer on Geography at Kings College, Herbert Mwalukomo formerly of Concern Universal and the Wildlife and Environment Society of Malawi, Ichin Cheng, Research Director Sustainable Innovation Lab, Polly Higgins to speak on “Ecocide”, Derek Wall, Green Party, on the indigenous and climate in Peru, Jutta Kill from FERN on carbon trading, Dr Stuart Parkinson Exec director of Scientists for Global Responsibility on the science behind escalating weather disasters, Meredith Alexander Head of Trade and Corporates from Action Aid and speakers from Biofuelwatch, Christian Aid , Platform and the CCC Trade union group.

Detailed Schedule:

Speaking in the opening plenary: "The meaning of Climate Justice"  (12 noon - 1pm):

  • Dr Stuart Parkinson - Exec director of Scientists for Global Responsibility
  • Dr Daanish Mustafa - Lecturer on Geography at Kings College
  • Murad Qureshi- GLA memberLabour, Bangladeshi Community
  • Meredith Alexander - Head of Trade and Corporates at ActionAid UK
  • Rehad Desai - Film maker and activist from South Africa

Regional workshops (1pm-2pm):

  • South Asia: Dr Daanish Mustafa (Pakistan)
                           Murad Qureshi (Bangladesh)
  • Africa: Herbert Mwalukome (Malawi)
                   Rehad Desai (South Africa)
                   Stephanie Hubbard - Christian Aid (East Africa)
  • Latin AmericaDerek Wall (Peru)
                                 Catriona Goss (Venezuela Solidarity Campaign)
                                 Karen Bell (Cuba Solidarity Campaign & Research Associate University of Bristol)

Fringe Workshops (2pm-3pm):

  • "Ecocide is a crime" - Polly Higgins Ecocide is a crime campaign
  • "Green Spirituality" - Chris Philpot
  • "Practical Ways People can help create an ecological & socially sustaining world" - Sophie Christopher-Bowes from Eco Architecture Planning & Permacultural Planning
  • "Does Capitalism have a place in Climate Justice?" - Peter Robinson Chair of Climate Alliance & Derby CCC

Thematic Workshops (3pm-4pm):

  • Biofuels/False Solutions: Peter Deane of Biofuels Watch
                                                   Maryla Hart of Biofuels Watch
  • Food Security and Water: Ichin Cheng, Research Director at Sustainable Innovation Lab
                                                    Suzanne Jeffery, Chair of CCC's Trade Union Group,
                                                    Meredith Alexander, Head of Trade and Corporates at ActionAid UK
  • Carbon trading & Finance: Jutta Kill, Carbon trading and Climate Change Campaigner at FERN
                                                       Mel Evans, Platform London

 Closing plenary: "The Road to Climate Justice" (4pm-5pm) so far:

  • Polly Higgins - Ecocide is a crime campaign
  • Speaker from Occupy environmental group
  • Philip Thornhill - National Coordinator of Campaign against Climate Change
  • Rehad Desai - Film maker and activist from South Africa

Film Showings from the Native Spirit Foundation