Reclaim the Power! Part 1

On the 16th-20th of August, just outside the small Sussex Village of Balcombe, an amazing event hosted by No Dash for Gas brought together caring, passionate and altruistic people from the local area and all over the country in order to help protect Balcombe from fracking! Campaign against Climate Change was proud to be at the camp and play a part in a great weekend of activism and empowerment.

Time To Act! coming soon

We're excited to announce that our new campaign "Time To Act!" will be coming soon!

Time To Act! is designed to show the government the massive public demand for renewables and to pressure them into doing the only sensible thing - taking action on climate change.

82% of the population are for the renewable energy - yet the government is trying to pursue an energy programme that will lock the country into further dependence on fossil fuels and mean we fail to deliver on our legally binding climate targets.  

Over the next couple of years we're going to be working with people across the UK to show the government that UK citizens are already taking action on climate change - and it's time for them to do the same



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People of Sussex Declare Climate Emergency


An emergency vehicle, staffed by four women and two men, is blocking the entrance of Cuadrilla’s fracking site. The group, supported by local residents, are preventing unconventional oil and gas exploration, to reduce emissions and highlight the climate emergency we are all facing.

Two protesters climbed on top of the fire engine to release a banner that reads: “WE <3 BALCOMBE. LOCK THE GATE” before locking their ankles to the fire engine’s ladder.  The remaining four used bicycle locks and arm-tubes to secure themselves in the fire engine’s cab. The brakes to the fire engine were also locked down rendering it immovable. The protest is expected to last beyond the weekend.