Time to Act! Wake up to Climate Change

Since 1980 we have lost 75% of the Arctic. As the ice melts, unique and already endangered species are put under increasing pressure to survive. Robbed of habitat and the ability to hunt for food, loss of diversity is just one of the serious negative effects already being caused by climate change.

We have the power to stop this, but we haven't been doing enough. In the UK, the population has been demanding a shift to renewable energy, but the government is trying to pursue an energy programme that will lock the country into further dependance on fossil fuels.

We need to stop them, we all need to wake up to the reality of climate change.

Time To Act! is our new upcoming campaign designed to show the government the massive public demand for renewables and to pressure them into doing the only sensible thing - taking action on climate change.

Time To Act! Coming soon...

Reclaim the Power! Part 2

Earlier this week, I had the honour to be one of a group that blockaded the entrance to Cuadrilla’s test drilling site at Balcombe along with Green MP Caroline Lucas, who was subsequently arrested.  The blockade was one of many non-violent direct actions that took place on Monday in response to Cuadrilla’s plans to carry out exploratory drilling in the area, and the failure of local government to respect the wishes of a community strongly opposed to fracking.