Time to Act! Wake up to Climate Change #4

Our weather has changed dramatically due to climate change. In 2012, the UK suffered its second wettest summer on record causing extensive flooding across the country and wreaking havoc on homes and livelihoods. In 2013, the summer was one of the ten hottest ever recorded. Around the globe, extreme weather events have become the norm - devastating lives and communities.

We know that climate change is causing these catastrophic events, and that over 95% of scientists agree that climate change is being caused by burning fossil fuels, but in the UK our government wants to pursue an energy policy that commits us to burning more fossil fuels rather than investing in renewable energy.
We need to stop them, we need to wake up to the reality of climate change.
Next week, we launch our new campaign: Time To Act!
Time To Act! is focused on demonstrating the real potential of renewable energy in the UK, and showcasing those communities that are seizing the initiative to move to renewable energy and take matters into their own hands.
Time To Act! will show the government the massive public demand for renewables and to pressure them into doing the only sensible thing - taking action on climate change.
Launching 7th October!