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The Environment and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

On the 12th May, the StopTTIP movement held a meeting focusing on the US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (called TAFTA -- Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement in the US) and the impacts it will have on the global environment. This partnership is marketed as a 'free trade' agreement between the world two biggest economies and it is being negotiated now.  However TTIP is not about trade. It is in fact a corporate coup that will take us to a 'corporatocracy', a corporate-run world.

Tipping Point declaration

A call to NGOs and local groups to sign up to a clear statement of climate science.

The Kirklees Campaign against Climate Change has drawn up the Tipping Point declaration – an eight point statement about the causes and impacts of climate change both now and in the future. Originally the basis of a local campaign, they are now using this for a wider initiative to raise awareness of climate science.

Listening to most debate on the UK's energy future, transport policy or economy, the lack of awareness of the climate context is striking. Most politicians, like most members of the public, see climate change as a distant threat, less pressing than economic concerns, and something that we only have to worry about when a lot more warming has taken place. Yet already at 0.8C , the melting Arctic reflects less heat and creates its own impetus for further warming. Further positive feedback mechanisms are a serious concern.

We need to stop talking about whether 2C is 'politically feasible' and start listening to the scientists. The Campaign against Climate Change encourages national and local organisations to sign up to this declaration and use it to help wake up decision makers to the reality of climate change here and now. 

Email kirkleesccc@hotmail.co.uk to sign up.