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Next UK youth strike 24 May

Find your local strike here. Adults are invited to come along to show support - do read this guide produced by the school strike organisers about how adults can best support them on the day and in other ways. 

The youth strikers in the UK have looked across the Atlantic, where the Sunrise Movement, led by young adults, has propelled the Green New Deal into a serious political bid to tackle the climate emergency. Expect to hear more about young people supporting a Green New Deal for the UK.

Please support if you can the crowdfunder to help cover costs for this ongoing movement.

15 March: around 1.5 million turn out around the world to protest climate inaction

The protests swept across the globe in at least 100 countries - from Australia, where 150,000 defied a government ruled by the coal industry, across Asia, Africa and to Europe, where city squares and streets were packed in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, in the UK (the video below shows the passion, commitment and energy at the London protest) and on to North and South America.

Video below from London protest: