Zero Carbon by 2030 aerial photograph


In Hyde Park at 12 noon just before the National Climate March starts we are going to be creating a giant 1,000 people 'aerial' photograph spelling out the numbers 2010 - with a giant zero for "Zero Carbon by 2030".  

The sooner we can get sufficient people the quicker it will be to get on with it and get a brilliant photo taken before the march leaves  So if you can, please arrive by 12 noon prompt to help us get a really good photo  -  and to ensure your place in it ! 

When you arrive just head towards the tall cherry-picker in the park, or ask stewards for directions.

Any media interested in a place in the cherry picker (12 – 1.00 pm) are asked to contact - or call 020 7833 9311 or 07903 316 331.