Sponsor an Iceberg


The Arctic ice cap is disappearing before our eyes: this is the first large scale unmistakable impact of climate change, clearly visible from space. It smashed an all time record for lowest ever extent on 24 August, but is still melting and is expected to continue doing so until mid-September.

Meanwhile in the UK, the recent reshuffle and announcement of tax breaks for North Sea oil and gas show a government determination to ignore the Climate Change Act and lock the UK into a fossil-fuel future, led by the Chancellor, George Osborne. The Liberal Democrats could put a brake on this - but will they have the courage?

We have a plan afoot to take the message – plus a metre high iceberg – down to the Lib Dem conference in Brighton this Sunday, to remind them of the urgency of making a stand on climate change. But we need your help. Last time (see more about our iceberg demo outside Downing Street) the ice cost around £400. So all we need to do is find 40 people who can give £10 each and we can pay for it!

Sponsor an Iceberg!

You can do the old fashioned thing and send us a cheque (see address on website), or email us at iceberg@campaigncc.org and we can send bank details for you to put it straight into our account. Or donate online.

Come along on Sunday

We will be outside the Brighton Centre on King's Road, on the seafront (see map) with the iceberg,  from around 9.00 am till early evening (around 7.00 pm)

Any help setting up the iceberg, handing out fliers, just being there to convey your message of urgency to the Lib Dems ....will be much appreciated. Ideally wear white but we will have spare white overalls, etc.