Climate Justice in South Africa: Rehad Desai speaker tour

This year the UN Climate talks ("COP 17") are in Durban South Africa. The location of the talks in Africa brings into sharp focus the issue of climate justice - the fate of poorer more vulnerable countries in a destabilising climate, for which the richer countries are largely responsible. In South Africa itself there are issues around a big dirty fossil fuel industry from which the poor suffer and the rich benefit - as this country which has borne witness to stupendous struggles for social justice now mobilises around the issue of 'climate justice'.  Rehad Desai is a  film-maker and activist from South Africa, who will talk about theclimate justice issues there and the South African mobilisation for COP 17.

On Saturday 12th November Rehad will speak at the Campaign against Climate Change Climate Justice Conference at the Institute of Education in London. In the following week he will speak at:

Manchester - Monday 14 November, 6.30pm
Manchester University Students Union, additional speakers include Martin Empson, CCC Trade Union group,  Earl Harper, Manchester Environmental Students Society PCS Union representative & Bombardier rail worker
Sheffield - Tuesday 15 November, 6.30pm for refreshments, speakers from 7.15pm
Quaker Meeting House, 10 St. James Street, S1 2EW . Additional speakers include Suzanne Jeffrey, chair CCC Trade Union group. Meeting organised by Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change.
London - Wednesday 16 November, 7pm
PCS Union headquarters, 160 Falcon Road , London , SW11 2LN . Additional speakers include Chris Baugh, assistant General Secretary of PCS. Meeting sponsored by UCU, PCS, GMB @ PCS, Battersea & Wandsworth Trades Council & the Greener Jobs Alliance .
Cardiff - Thursday 17 November, 7pm
Transport House, 1, Cathedral Rd , Cardiff , CF11 9SD. Additional speakers include Phil Thornhill, CCC national co-ordinator& Marianne Owens (PCS). Meeting sponsored by PCS Wales. 07940108146
Exeter - Friday 18 November, 2pm
Exeter University , meeting organised by Exeter University and College Union (UCU)
London - Saturday 19 November
Unite the Resistance conference, 11am – 5pm, Royal Horticultural Halls & Conference Centre, Westminster , London , SW1P 2PE .