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Press releases

30th March 2014 - CCC Budget Statement15 KB
3rd May 2013 - Trade Unionists & Activists Organise Anti-Fracking Protest26.5 KB
30th November 2012 - “Get Fracktious” about Climate Change - March and Rally.29 KB
7th November 2012 - US Election demonstration. Against fossil fuel money in US politics – Obama End the ‘Climate Silence’32.5 KB
21st September 2012 - Arctic Meltdown, a public meeting31 KB
25th August 2012 - Iceberg Protest as arctic sea ice minimum record broken34 KB
23rd July 2012 - Protest against Osborne “destroyer of the Climate Act”26 KB
19th July 2012 - Race to Zero (Carbon by 2030)27.5 KB
15th June 2012 - Activists organise Alternative Conference for the Rio Earth Summit, Ken Livingstone to speak 28 KB
25th May 2012 - Climax of Climate Jobs Caravan - Nationwide Tour 33 KB
12th May 2012 - Nationwide Tour to Promote Climate Jobs sets off from Parliament 669.5 KB
10th April 2012 - Protestors to target Biomass Conference 31.5 KB
15th March 2012 - Anti-Fracking Campaigners to stage National Gathering in Manchester31.5 KB
8th December 2011 - Demonstration against US, Climate Treaty Wrecker27.5 KB
2nd December 2011 - “STAND UP FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE” March and Rally30.5 KB
23rd September 2011 - Gormless BBC Lancashire duped by bogus “environmental” charity35.5 KB
14th September 2011 - “CAMP FRACK” Anti-‘fracking’ protest camp to be set up near Southport 38 KB
12th September 2011 - Anti-‘fracking’ protest camp to be set up near Southport38 KB
6th September 2011 - Mystery Demo against a corporate funder of climate disinformation25.5 KB
14th July 2011 - Zero Carbon Britain Day.doc24.5 KB
15th May 2011 - Victory over Climate Committee targets - but action on climate still dangerously insufficient98.5 KB
10th May 2011 - Activists to target Lib Dems in outrage at backtracking on climate96.5 KB
21st April 2011 - Action on Climate Change is not Red Tape!27 KB
26th March 2011 - A People's Petition for a Million Climate Jobs85.5 KB
25th November 2010 - March on Parliament for a ‘Zero Carbon Britain’ and a Million Climate Jobs32 KB
30th October 2010 - Zero Carbon by 2030: Action for the Climate Emergency public meeting28 KB
20th September 2010 - National Demonstration against ‘Agrofuels’, Saturday 25th September30.5 KB
30th August 2010 - End Domestic Flights Now!33.5 KB
14th May 2010 - Climate Emergency Overnight Vigil31.5 KB
12th April 2010 - A rising tide of lies, ignorance and disinformation on climate change… where is it coming from?28.5 KB
26th November 2009 - Climate Emergency Rally29.5 KB
20th November 2009 - Global Day of Climate Protest 200931 KB
21st October 2009 - Big 5 for 350 global day of climate action1.93 MB
8th October 2009 - Agrofuels don't ROC(k)!39.5 KB
9th September 2009 - Protest against the closure of Vestas Wind Turbine Factory30 KB
7th September 2009 - Green Jobs Public Meeting20.5 KB
6th August 2009 - Protest against the closure of Vestas Wind Turbine Factory27.5 KB
27th July 2009 - Save Vestas Rally28.5 KB
22nd July 2009 - Protest against the closure of Vestas Wind Turbine Factory26.5 KB
15th July 2009 - Climate Emergency Parliament30.5 KB
28th April 2009 - Full solutions not half solutions - no new coal without 100% CCS28 KB
31st March 2009 - Iceberg at the G2026.5 KB
17th February 2009 - Protestors to target Brown in protest against Heathrow expansion29.5 KB
15th January 2009 - Scientists condemn government aviation policy26.5 KB
3rd December 2008 - Tens of thousands to march on parliament for action on climate, Saturday 6th December26.5 KB
2nd December 2008 - Global Protest on Climate Change, Saturday 6th December36.5 KB
14th November 2008 - Australian "Walks against Warming" are prelude to global climate protest31.5 KB
16th October 2008 - Global protest planned as EU climate plan falters30.5 KB

All press releases are in Microsoft Word (.doc) format.


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