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There are lots of ways you can take action on climate change: this page is dedicated to current e-actions and petitions. Support important campaigns in the UK and internationally - and remember when writing letters it is always more effective to do so in your own words!


Tell the BBC to cover the upcoming IPCC report accurately

The latest section of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, Assessment Report 5 Part 2, is due to be released on Monday 31st March. This critical report is the most comprehensive and authoritative investigation into the impact of climate change ever undertaken. Following the IPCC's report last year into the physical science of a warming world, this new report sets out the impacts on humans and ecosystems. And its conclusions are already known to be alarming. The BBC are a public service, paid for by us, and we need them to uphold their obligation to us by reporting the IPCC's finding accurately. Take action now, and tell the BBC how important it is for them to report this accurately.


Push for European Climate Action

The UK is enduring the worst floods for 200 years and leading scientists agree that they are climate-related. At the same time, Europe is setting climate targets for the next two decades. If thousands of us send David Cameron and Nick Clegg a message, they can push for the ambitious action that the world needs.


Stop the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

This treaty would boost corporate power at the expense of our climate and environment, human and workers’ rights, sovereignty and democracy. Caroline Lucas MP has created an Early Day Motion calling for the most damaging elements to be removed from the TTIP; and for the Government to push for talks on the partnership agreement to be frozen immediately, in order to allow for a full public debate and Parliamentary scrutiny from both Houses of Parliament. Contact your MP to ask them to sign EDM 793 (you can do this through


Member spotlight: Stan's petition

One of our members, Stan, created this petition. This is because, on the 16th January 2014 the end of the world as we know it may have been announced.  On that day the Guardian reported that a BP study had predicted a rise in greenhouse emissions of almost a third in twenty years time. This huge increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions will come despite existing efforts to cut them back. 
This petition is an attempt to rescue this vital report from media obscurity and to alert the world's leaders to its significance. The message is clear. The world can only be saved by sweeping, emergency action to curb CO2 emissions not by the long term, half-hearted measures currently being taken. There must be a much quicker switch to meeting our power needs from non-carbon sources of energy and using energy much more efficiently.

Owen Paterson should resign as Environment Secretary

Owen Paterson is the UK's Secretary of State for the Environment, someone who neither understands nor accepts the basic science of climate change. So he drew up a flood defences plan that explicitly dismisses climate change as a contributor to future flooding, and “assumes that flood risk remains the same." And cut spending on flood maintenance and preparation. In this vital post, we need someone who is prepared to listen to the experts. Read more.


Stop Europe's largest planned coal plant

Elektrownia Północ (the ‘North’ Power Plant) is the largest planned new coal-fired power plant in Europe and would emit almost 10 million tons of CO2 per year for at least 35 years, increasing Poland’s deep dependence on coal. Elektrownia Północ belongs to Kulczyk Investments, a company involved in fossils and minerals extraction on four continents. Unbelievably, Dr Jan Kulczyk, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company, is also a member of the Climate Change Task Force alongside IPCC climate experts and Nobel Prize winners. Since 2007 he’s hold the position of the Chairman of Green Cross International’s Board of Directors, a reputable organization which works for environmental safety.

Write to Dr Kulcyzk calling for him to withdraw from this dangerous project.


Tell Shell's new CEO to scrap Arctic drilling

The fight to stop oil exploitation in the Arctic is ongoing, but a new Shell CEO provides an opportunity for the company to rethink its dangerous strategy.

Sign up to tell Ben van Beurden to scrap Arctic drilling.


Defend your Neighbourhood from Fracking

Defend your neighbourhood from fracking! With the Conservative leadership pushing for a dash for gas, attempting to start  fracking all over the UK it is important that we stand and protect our environment! Did you know it is unlawful for fracking companies to drill under your home without your permission?

Find out if the area where you live could be fracked and sign up to help fight it.





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