Mass Lobby of Parliament

Less than two weeks to go!

On 17 June thousands of us will come together from across the UK to celebrate all that we love, and to meet our representatives so that we ask them to commit to strong action on climate change during this crucial year. Come and meet your MP and tell them why fighting climate change matters to you.

The lobby will congregate on Parliament Square outside Westminster and will be host to a number of activities throughout the day. People will be able to meet with politicians from 13:00 pm to 16:00 pm, with workshops and entertainment ongoing throughout the day. For those who would like to attend, there will be an Ecumenical Church Service prior to the event start. Visit the website to find out more.

This event is being organised by The Climate Coalition, involving a number of different campaign groups, including ourselves.

As the event draws closer...

Here is a Supporter Briefing guide, designed to provide structured guidance through your conversation with your MP. There will be a few of these kicking about on the day but we advise that you to take a look at it before you come to familiarise yourself with things so you can tackle your MP like a conversational wizard. It is provided here in black and white to make it easier to print.

A constituency-based MP Briefing will be also handed out by us to MPs so they can take it away and mull it over, so all you need to do is focus on your Supporter Briefing on how best to address them.

Finally, it is important that you invite your MP! Here is a suggested template email to send to them, available to edit as you like.

Getting there...

Find coach details here or post on the Facebook page to link up with others for travel arrangements (local offices of organisations such as RSPB, Christian Aid, FoE, CAFOD etc. may also be able to help)

National Express are giving a lovely 1/3 discount on tickets on the day! The exclusive code is available once you sign up.

Sign up now!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 12:00 to 17:30