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Climate Emergency Rally

Crowd at Speakers Corner

Thousands came togther for the Climate Emergency Rally at the start of  the UK's biggest day of climate protest, yet, on 5th December, the Saturday before the opening of the Copenhagen Climate Talks.  They came to demand immediate and radical action on climate from the UK government.

The rally's key demands were:

  • Declaration of a Climate Emergency
  • 10% cuts by end 2010
  • A million green jobs by end 2010
  • Ban domestic flights
  • 55 mph speed limit – scrap the roads program
  • End Agrofuel use

London Public Forum


London Public Forum

Saturday 7th November

12.00 noon – 6.00 pm,
at South Camden Community School, Charrington St.

The event saw a great afternoon of speeches by a range of diverse and passionate speakers.

The four round table plenaries were:

  • 10% cuts by end 2010: the case for emergency action
  • Green Jobs Now – a million climate jobs by end 2010?
  • Decarbonising our transport fast – the way ahead
  • Copenhagen, the deal we need and the deal we’re likely to get

Plus there were assorted workshops including ones from Biofuelwatch/Food not Fuel and the CCC trade union group.

For a full programme of events click here.

The speakers Aubrey Meyer (Global Commons Institute), Oliver Tickell (author Kyoto 2), John Stewart (HACAN), Johann Hari (journalist), Jean Lambert MEP (Green Party),  Damian Carrington (Head of Environment, the Guardian), Alexis Rowell (Camden Council), Daniel Scharf (Greenspeed), Chris Baugh (Public and Commercial Services Union), Dr Stuart Parkinson (Scientists for Global Responsibility).



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