DRAXtic Action

Wednesday 24th April, Grocer's Hall, Princes Street, EC2R 8AD


Taking DRAXtic Action: Wednesday 24th April

Stop burning biomass and coal and stop fuelling fuel poverty!

Biofuel Watch are calling for an action to be held outside the DRAX Annual General Meeting, to highlight the absurdity of converting the power station from coal fire powered to biomass.

This is falsely described as part of the solution to the energy crisis, when in fact it only deepens the damage we are doing to our forests and woodland, ensures that energy prices stay unaffordable and does not help us to meet our climate change targets.

Drax power station in Yorkshire plans to convert a large proportion of their station from burning coal to biomass (wood). Burning wood rather than coal might seem like a green idea, but in fact it's as devasting for people and the environment as burning coal. Biodiverse forests and grasslands are being cleared in order to plant tree plantations, meaning that communities are losing access to their land and water, a situation which will worsen as the demand for wood pellets grows.

Power stations burning wood release up to double the carbon of coal-burning ones and even though the industry claims that trees will grow back to absorb the carbon produced, they ignore these emissions. It's also much faster to burn a tree than to grow a new one, leaving us with a carbon debt.

The energy companies are not investing in biomass conversions because they want to save the planet by burning less coal, they're trying to get around EU air quality regulations while cashing in on profitable subsidies. The partial conversion allows some power stations to burn coal for much longer than they would have otherwise be able to. These subsidies, which Drax has persuaded the government to grant, are as much as £672 per year and are paid through our fuel bills, as energy companies pass the cost on to the consumer.

This is happening as fuel poverty is on the rise and record profits are being made for energy companies.


We will be gathering on:

Wednesday 24th April at 12noon, at Grocer's Hall, Princes Street, EC2R 8AD

If you want to help flyer the AGM attendees, you can meet at 10:30am or alternately if you just want to come to the demonstration & rally at 12:00 noon.

Transport information: the nearest tube station is Bank – from there head Northwards up Princes Street, and find us on the left. See map below:

Other organisations supporting this action, as well as Campaign against Climate Change, are: Carbon Trade Watch, Christian Ecology Link, Climate Justice Collective, Coal Action Network, Coal Action Scotland,  Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Corporate Watch, Frack Free Somerset, Fuel Poverty Action, Gaia Foundation, London Mining Network, London Rising Tide, Occupy London Energy, Equity and Environment Group, Rising Tide UK and World Development Movement.



Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 10:30 to 18:00