Action for the Climate Emergency, 2010

The Copenhagen Climate talks ended in a failure even worse than many had feared - even  if great steps were taken to build the global campaign for action and justice on climate (see here).

We need powerful national campaigns to force governments to act. Here in the UK our best chance to  influence the international community is by conspicuously bold action here at home - action that matches up to the scale of the Climate Emergency we face. The Campaign against Climate Change is demanding emergency action on climate that includes:

10% CUT IN EMISSIONS BY THE END OF 2010 - or within one year.

A MILLION CLIMATE JOBS - by the end of 2010 - or within one year -  through a GREEN ENERGY REVOLUTION  with massive investment in renewable energy, insulation programs, improved public transport etc... See more here.

BANNING DOMESTIC FLIGHTS - building a better train/coach network

55 MILE AN HOUR SPEED LIMIT - ending the roads program, massive investment in public transport

END AGROFUEL USE - and eliminate the demand for products associated with rainforest destruction. See more here.

GOVERNMENT INFORMATION PROGRAM - massive campaign to inform the public of the scale of the climate threat - booklet in every home, regular TV info, etc..

A Climate Emergency 'EARLY DAY MOTION'  was tabled by Colin Challen MP, that includes most of these demands. This was EDM 189 (originally tabled as EDM 2057 ).signed by more than 60 MPs -  see more here