Brighton Climate Action Network launched

Brighton and Hove is a hub of environmental and political activity, and activists met on 11 June to discuss forming a local climate network. Those at the meeting came from environmental and political organisations, faith groups and trade unions, and there was a strong consensus that we needed to work together to ensure massive local support for the protests around the UN climate talks in Paris.  It was agreed as a first step to set up a co-ordinating group for the mobilisations for the November 29th national demonstration and the mass cycle ride to the Paris COP.

Brighton is an especially important hub for the mass cycle ride, and members of its "Bike Train" group are closely involved in the "Time to Act" cyclists' working group. It's expected that thousands of cyclists will be descending on the city early in December, en route from London to the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry, and the Brighton group aim provide proper accommodation for them and ensure a lively reception when they arrive. The local United Reformed Church is keen to be part of this and may be offering its Brighthelm Centre close to Brighton station as an accommodation venue. We are also hoping to get hundreds of local people joining the stretch of the ride from Brighton to Newhaven carrying flags and placards. 

 Another proposal that came out of the meeting was to organise a week of climate activities in schools, colleges, the two universities, and other locations in order to build support for the November 29th demonstration. The next meeting to discuss and plan this will be at 7.30 on July 2nd at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton, and is open to anyone who wants to get involved. 

The group agreed on the name "Brighton Climate Action Network" - or "Brighton CAN" for short - and will discuss after the COP becoming a permanent umbrella organisation to initiated and support city-wide events relating to climate change.

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